HELL STATUS: FROZEN. Senator Lindsey Graham Endorses Ted Cruz

hell frozen
Via CNN:

In a sign of just how much the Republican presidential primary has turned the party on its head, Sen. Lindsey Graham will host a fundraiser on Monday in support of Sen. Ted Cruz.

A draft of the invitation, obtained first by CNN, invites guests to “honor and support a great friend of Israel and the Jewish people,” at a meet-and-greet event that will take place during the AIPAC policy conference in Washington next week.


I hate saying anything good about Graham because you know that within a week or so he’s going to make some boneheaded deal with John McCain or some other Democrat that just makes you want to chew your own arm off. But I will say this, knowing full well that I will regret it, Graham prefers John Kasich and dislikes Ted Cruz as much as he does three day old fish and yet he knows that Cruz has the possibility of beating Donald Trump so he’s supporting him. And that counts for something. Today.


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