Marco Rubio Gets ZERO Delegates From March 8 Primaries

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Let’s recap yesterday:

tuesday results

Focus on Marco Rubio’s vote totals. Especially in Michigan where Ted Cruz, we were assured, was out of step with Midwestern voters and Rubio was in his “lane.” Nine percent of the vote. Nine.


Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) was shut out of delegates from voting in four states voting on Tuesday after poor performances in Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan and Mississippi.

Rubio’s night began by missing the 15-percent threshold for receiving any delegates in Michigan and Mississippi.
He took about 5 percent of the vote in Mississippi and 9 percent in Michigan, running fourth out of four GOP presidential contenders in both states.

Rubio took 18 percent in Idaho, missing the 20-percent threshold for delegates.

Rubio again missed on delegates in Hawaii by placing third.

Rubio sits in a distant third in delegates, hundreds behind Trump and Cruz. He has pinned all of his hopes on his home state, telling supporters that the winner in Florida will likely take the party’s nomination.

The impact is that Rubio has four more losses to his record, in two of those he didn’t break into double digits, and now John Kasich is within striking distance of Rubio in the delegate count.

This is not the last shutout staring Rubio in the face. Next Tuesday will probably leave him with another goose-egg. A couple of weeks ago Rubio claimed it wasn’t necessary to win states in order to win the nomination, now he seems hellbent on proving you don’t need delegates either.


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