Hillary Clinton Supporters Use "He Was Mean To A Girl" Card On Bernie Sanders

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There is no one in American public life, other than Barack Obama, that has cultivated their victimhood more than Hillary Clinton. That is her response to everything. Whether it is blaming a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy for Bill Clinton flinging bodily fluids on White House staff or calling out her legions of flying monkeys and harpies to flog the hapless Rick Lazio, Hillary Clinton has relied upon the cult of victimhood for protection. Quite honestly, the only reason Clinton lost the nomination in 2008 was because she could not come up with a scenario where a wealthy, privileged, white, female kleptocrat was more oppressed than a privileged half-black Marxist.


Now she is trying out this particular shoe on Bernie Sanders to see if it will fit. In the Democrat “debate” there was this exchange:

When Hillary tried to talk over Bernie Sanders he gave told her, “Excuse me, I’m talking.” Sanders hadn’t even had time to finish his thought before Hillary Clinton’s butt-remoras were already out in full force:

If you are wondering, Confessore is an unbiased New York Times political reporter.

McDermott is as Democrat pollster.

Cohen is a rather dimbulb C-list political columnist for the Boston Globe


Mic.com is a progressive media outlet that takes dictation from C-list political columnists.

Sanders is pushing back against this nonsense:

During an intense exchange over the auto industry and Wall Street bailout, Sanders began to say that some of Clinton’s “friends destroyed this economy” before she interrupted. “Excuse me, I’m talking,” Sanders said testily.

Clinton aides portrayed the exchange as a slight on par with Rick Lazio’s debate gaffe in Clinton’s 2000 Senate race, but on Monday, Sanders maintained that he didn’t interrupt Clinton, who he noted spoke well past the allotted time 75 seconds to answer questions and 30 seconds for follow-ups.

“Did you check how much time Hillary Clinton spoke during the debate? Did you check out how often Hillary Clinton interrupted me?” Sanders said to reporters.

“When I was speaking, she interrupted me. I did not interrupt her, despite the fact that she spoke longer,” he continued. “You know, the red lights went on and she kept talking. I didn’t interrupt her. But I think in the middle of a debate if somebody is trying to make a point and somebody else interrupts you, it’s rude.”

What Clinton and her followers do is demand that they have it both ways. She wants to be treated as superior to men in every encounter and when anyone has the temerity to challenge her honesty, competence, ideas, or even her lack of good breeding she immediately screams sexism. I think Clinton trotting this crap out in the Democrat primary is going to go a long way towards depriving her of the same tool should she win the Democrat nomination.



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