Bernie Sanders Discovers What It Is Like To Campaign As A Republican

Bernie Sanders
One of the longstanding gripes in GOP and conservative circles is that in order to win you not only have to beat your opponent, you have to beat the media, too. When it comes to elections the mainstream media are as much a part of the Democrat party as any walking-around-money-carrying ward heeler in South Chicago. With the major media firmly in the tank for Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders is getting a taste of what it’s like to be on our side:


Washington Post Ran 16 Negative Stories on Bernie Sanders in 16 Hours

In what has to be some kind of record, the Washington Post ran 16 negative stories on Bernie Sanders in 16 hours, between roughly 10:20 PM EST Sunday, March 6, to 3:54 PM EST Monday, March 7—a window that includes the crucial Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan, and the next morning’s spin:

All of these posts paint his candidacy in a negative light, mainly by advancing the narrative that he’s a clueless white man incapable of winning over people of color or speaking to women. Even the one article about Sanders beating Trump implies this is somehow a surprise—despite the fact that Sanders consistently out-polls Hillary Clinton against the New York businessman.


The very left wing Washington Monthly blames the coverage on editorial prejudice caused, it seems, by Jeff Bezos having libertarian leanings:

Conservatives like to talk about “the liberal media” and they frequently disparage the Washington Post as a liberal paper. I’ve never agreed with them, and I have an example that helps explain why. Between 10:20 PM EST March 6th and 3:54 PM EST March 7th, the Post managed to publish sixteen stories that cast Bernie Sanders in a negative light. Another way of looking at this is that the Post savaged Bernie Sanders sixteen times in a sixteen hour span.

That’s how the Post started their week, and it’s hard for me to avoid the impression that this was at the direction of the management under the guidance of senior editors.

My point here is that the media, particularly the media that covers national politics, does a pretty good job of playing whack-a-mole with anyone who moves a centimeter outside the Overton Window. And that can hurt radical conservatives, but it hurts liberals, too, if they challenge the status quo.

I think they’re protecting people who haven’t earned the trust they’re putting in them.

But, however you feel, this ain’t liberal bias.

I can’t help but laugh. As someone who looked on, mouth agape, as the Washington Post single-handedly made Oliver North radioactive during his Senate bid and George Allen synonymous with “macaca” I’m surprised when the left is surprised what it is like to fight against a never ending barrage of bullsh** stories under different headlines that hammer a candidate day in and day out and offer no meaningful way to respond.



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