(VIDEO) Marco Rubio Refuses To Name Any State He Plans To Win

rubio bullshitting
This is what drives me insane about the Rubio campaign and especially his online fan boys. Apparently, Rubio operates in rarefied political sphere where all you have to do to win is show up and look good. Winning primaries is totally irrelevant to the process. It is the utter triumph of image over substance. I’ve posted before on his rather exotic claim that a candidate in the GOP primary can win the nomination without being bothered to win actual state races.


Now we have another iteration of this:


ANNOUNCER: Beyond Florida, what state are you banking on?

RUBIO: I think you can ask that of anyone in this race. We’re going to compete everywhere we can. We have a national campaign. We have a campaign that’s competing in Hawaii, we’re competing in Idaho, we’re competing in Kansas, we’re competing in Florida, Louisiana. I mean we are working everywhere. In a multi-level… we’re not a regionalized campaign, we haven’t put all our eggs in one basket. Ted Cruz did. He said he was going to sew up the nomination on Super Tuesday. I ended up beating him in Virginia. I ended up beating him in Georgia.

You expect spin out of politicians but you don’t expect spin that makes you want to laugh in their face. His casting of Super Tuesday as a Cruz defeat is ludicrous. As Ace of Ace of Spades HQ says, we’re on the verge of having to call second place “Mario Gold.” As to the “regional campaign” hogwash, I leave you with these early returns from today. Decide for yourself who is the regional candidate:


early returns 3-5


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