(VIDEO) Bill Clinton Credits Hillary With Getting UN Sanctions Imposed On IRAQ!?

bill clinton iraq
So this is the “Big Dog” that is going to ensure that Hillary Clinton avoids indictment and gets elected to the presidency?

At a campaign stop in Louisiana, Bill Clinton showed just what he is: an elderly and feeble man who can’t keep an audience from shifting in their chairs to keep from going asleep



She got those sanctions, which require China and Russia to sign off so everybody would enforce them. Even I didn’t think she could do that, but she did.

This is not a one-off. As the Daily Caller reports, on a February 16 campaign stop in South Carolina, Bill Clinton had another senior moment:

Former President Bill Clinton told a crowd in Greenville, SC Tuesday that the San Bernardino shooters had never been to the Middle East.

“Keep in mind, the people that perpetrated that travesty in San Bernardino had never been to the Middle East,” Clinton told the crowd at the West End Community Development Center. “They were converted over the social media.”

As America Rising PAC, who has some luckless schlub assigned to be Bill Clinton’s media tracker, said:

But in all fairness, who really knows what Bill Clinton is talking about anymore?


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