Bernie Sanders's Strategy Is Based On Hillary Clinton's Indictment

Caricature by DonkeyHotey

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Caricature by DonkeyHotey

Via The Washington Post:

On the eve of Super Tuesday, Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders took a jab at rival Hillary Clinton for the “substantial sums” a super PAC supporting her has collected from corporate interests and reiterated his plans to stay in the race until voters in all 50 states have spoken.


Don’t let the high-mindedness fool you. Bernie Sanders’s followers think he’s a knight-errant on some kind of quixotic adventure but Sanders is a cold-eyed Bolshevik. He knows as well as the rest of us that he’s participating in a sham, a Potemkin election, where the actual votes don’t matter because the outcome is controlled by Democrat Super Delegates who are beholden to Clinton and to Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

As Wayne Grezky said, you miss a hundred percent of the shots you don’t take and Sanders knew when getting into the race that the only way he wins is if Clinton is burned down to a smoldering pantsuit and melted orthopedic shoes. If he stays in the race until the convention and Hillary Clinton becomes either medically incapacitated (not unlikely given her poor health and the strain of campaigning and fighting prosecution) or a slew of her aides are indicted (highly likely) or she, herself, is actually charged with a crime that he will be the last man standing. While the Democrat Party apparatus could fall back on a Biden, or may be Walter Mondale, the outcry would be enormous.


Sanders knows Clinton is in deep legal trouble. And the fact that he’s not bowing out… and his polling against potential GOP rivals is better than Clinton’s… he’s making the unthinkable, an indictment of Hillary Clinton, not only thinkable but he’s making it look pretty good.



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