(UPDATED) BREAKING. Ted Cruz Fires Communications Director Rick Tyler

rick tyler
Ted Cruz has requested the resignation of his communications director, Rich Tyler. Tyler was linked to a rather bizarre Facebook video involving Marco Rubio, the Bible, penquins, and a midget in a Velcro-cover jumpsuit. (Joe Cunningham has the whole story.) Last week, Tyler was put in the uncomfortable position after his shop used images photoshopped to make it appear that Rubio and Obama were shaking hands.


In fact, it looks like Tyler learned of his being fired just as he was getting ready to do an interview.

I’ve been professionally involved in advertising, public relations, and crisis communications for some decades and I realize that politics is hardball. But I have to admit that Tyler (full disclosure, I don’t know the guy) has played the game with a bit more elan and savoir faire than I would be comfortable with. He is significantly to blame for the “liar” stink that is beginning to attach itself to the Cruz campaign like a cancer. I don’t think that firing senior staff is the sign of a a campaign that is going anyhwere and neither do I know whether Tyler being removed will stop that particular rot, but after the video incident Cruz had to do something or he looks like he is behind the antics himself.


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