Washington Post: Did You Know That Jeb Bush's Pistol Is, Like, All Nazi, And Stuff?


The Washington Post and its reporters are so totally in the bag for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats that there is literally (no, I’m not misusing the word instead of figuratively, I mean literally) nothing they won’t do to attack any Republican. This applies even to Republicans and mild, harmless, and inoffensive as Jeb Bush.


This tweet was the starting point:

The pistol appears to be an FNs semi-automatic pistol in .40-cal made by FN America. Why the tweet? Well, Bush was visiting the manufacturing facility in Columbia, South Carolina. Predictably the gun-grabbing left made a big deal of that. Who cares. Eventually, they will wipe their butts, pull on their big girl panties and get on with life. Some of the buttwipes were not even able to tell they were talking about the wrong firearm. When the images are displayed side by side. I guess they all look alike. Note: it is the cartridge, not the firearm, that determines penetrating power, etc.

The most bizarre angle was taken by the Washington Post’s “EDUCATION REPORTER,” some guy named, improbably, T. Rees Shapiro.

Get it. Prescott Bush — Nazis — FN fire arm — Nazi connection — Jeb Bush — Prescott Bush. It is like yin and yang to liberals: Any Bush and Nazis.


But isn’t FN a Belgian company, you ask? Hasn’t FN made rifles for much of the world at one time or another? The FN/FAL, or L1A1 is a classic infantry rifle.  Isn’t the M-240 and M-249 machineguns used by the US military made by FN? What could the scandal be. Well, hang on to your hat and get ready for a wild ride.

But the manufacturer of the handgun shown in Bush’s picture has a history of its own. While the company is known as FN America, it is actually a subsidiary of FN Herstal, a foreign corporation based in Belgium. And for decades, the company was known as Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre.

During World War II, the company was requisitioned by the Nazi military and its factories produced thousands of weapons for Axis troops, including pistols carried by Nazi officers and pilots. One model, the Browning-designed Hi-Power, was used by both the Allies and Axis powers during the war, with FN factories manufacturing a version of the popular handgun for the German military.

So Belgium was conquered by Nazi Germany. They expropriated the FN factories in Belgium to make weapons for the German military. And that gives Bush’s pistol a Nazi connection. I wonder when we’re going to hear about the Nazi connections of Volkswagen? Or an expose on how Jewish self-loathing led Israel to adopt the FN/FAL as their official rifle for the Suez Crisis, 1967 War, and Yom Kippur War?



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