Despite All Evidence, Ben Carson Claims He Still Cares About His Campaign

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So, Ben Carson, dressed in nice clean clothes, fresh from Florida, showed up in New Hampshire today:

Ben Carson and his family fired up campaign staff and volunteers Saturday morning by repeatedly stressing that the neurosurgeon had no intention of dropping out of the GOP presidential primary anytime soon.

“I am in this. I’m not leaving,” Carson said forcefully — a change from his usual soft-spoken tone — to about 100 of his supporters at his campaign’s state headquarters. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Referring to his plans to go home after Iowa to get a change of new clothes, which fueled rumors about him dropping out, Carson added with a laugh: “Maybe I should never go home for another change of clothes.”


Ben Carson is simply not telling the truth. He is leaving. His campaign is spending money at an incredible rate:

carson fundraising

If you look at only the last quarter, the picture is even worse

carson fec 2015

He spent $5 million more than he took in… at this rate he is out of money by March 31 even if his raises another $22 million. As you read this, his super PAC is probably broke. His contributions have dried up. The largest single source of income was renting his mailing list of contributors to other companies. His outlays have gone to companies in which his campaign officers have a financial interest. He is continuing to stoke the non-troversy involving Ted Cruz in Iowa as a fundraising gimmick. As Erick Erickson writes:

The Carson Campaign is really just a consultant heavy direct mail operation that pooped out a Presidential campaign and they’re hoping to keep the money flowing by playing up outrage over the Cruz campaign.

Let’s not be coy about it. The Carson campaign, today, is a fraud. It is a scam. It is a fundraising scheme. Carson needs to get out before he does something truly stupid and finds himself in prison.



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