Sarah Palin Has An Unhinged Rant. This Must Be A Day Ending In "Y"

Caricature by DonkeyHotey

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Another day. Another rant from Sarah Palin that makes one think a lot less of her. Strike that. I’ve already reached the point where I can’t have a lower opinion of her than I currently have. It started with her using her nitwit daughter to attack Ted Cruz as Palin, herself, was preparing to endorse Donald Trump. Then she blamed Obama for her son having combat-related PTSD when a) her son has never seen combat and b) he was deployed to Iraq when George Bush was president. After Trump had his ass handed to him in Iowa, Palin promptly danced to Trump’s tune and jumped into the bizarre “dirty trick” that led to Carson over-performing his anticipated outcome in the Iowa Caucuses.


Hold onto your hats, here it is:

Phony GOP Establishment Preaches “Do As I Say, Not As I Do”

Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump are RIGHT for trying to get SOMEONE IN AUTHORITY to hear what We, the People are saying! The shenanigans in the bogus Iowa vote count tell you what the GOP machine is all about. It’s sick. It rails against Obama’s unethical practice of never holding his people accountable when they engage in obvious deception, yet must idolize the guy because they’re doing the same thing he does.

No more politics as usual! These corrupt, unaccountable actions of typical politicians are why our Republic is in jeopardy. Carson and Trump: you are right, and shame on these establishment shills and candidates for trying to sweep their deception under the rug. THIS is why the status quo has got to go.

Carry the torch on this, Carson and Trump supporters. Ignore the pundits telling us to sit down and shut up. Don’t make our candidates do it alone. We, the People must be heard.

– Sarah Palin

Anyone who says Ted Cruz is part of the establishment has been huffing Drano. Anyone who thinks the Iowa GOP would have lifted a finger to help him is a certified loon. The entire episode has been debunked both in terms of the timeline of events and the zero effect on the outcome. The news story was believable because Carson is campaigning like he’s auditioning for an extra in The Walking Dead. His story about flying home to change clothes is simply laughable. If Ben Carson can’t afford to have one of the private jets he uses like an Uber car fly clothes to him (or have them sent by FEDEX) maybe he should devote some more effort to the direct mail scam he is running under the guise of a campaign. Carson has declined to fire his staff who originated the rumor so if Trump’s attack shih-tzu wants to hammer someone for being unaccountable, maybe she should look in the direction of Ben Carson.


I really hope Palin has been bought or rented by Donald Trump. Then there would be a logical explanation for her actions. She would be detestable, but richer and we could understand her motives. The only other explanation is that Palin is simply a deranged attention-seeking has-been whom we should shun.

Caricature Via DonkeyHotey and Flickr Creative Commons


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