(VIDEO) Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse Talks About Conservatism And It Is Awesome

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Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse is out in Iowa as a one-man truth squad, setting the record straight on why Donald Trump is not a conservative. He was asked by MNSNBC’s Chuck Todd for his definition of conservatism. His response in nothing short of awesome.


TODD: Let me ask you this because you really are considered as somebody, one of the rising stars in the conservative movement. But I think this presidential primary is exposed a difference of opinion of what conservatism even means right now. And you have a version that Trump has, you have a version that Cruz has, and, I would argue you have a separate version that say a Jeb Bush and John Kasich have. Let me ask you, because a lot of people are looking to you as one of these future leaders of the conservative movement, what is a conservative in your view today? Define conservatism in the 21st century the events via Ben Sasse.

SASSE: That is a great question. America is the most exceptional nation in the history of the world because the US Constitution is the best political document that’s ever been written. Because it says something different than almost any people in any government has believed in human history. Most governments in the past said might makes right and the King has all the power and the people are dependent subjects. And the American founders said no. God gives us rights by nature and government is just our shared project to secure those rights.

Government is not the author or source of our rights and you don’t make America great again by giving more power to one guy in Washington, DC. You make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic wher Washington is populated by people who are servant leaders, who want to return power to the people and to the communities. Because looks what is great in America is the Rotary Club, it’s small businesses, it’s churches, it’s schools, it’s fire departments and it’s Little Leagues across this country. What makes America great is not some guy in Washington who says “if I had more power I could fix it all unilaterally.” That’s not the American tradition.

TODD: And you believe Donald Trump is simply not a conservative?

SASSE: Hey, listen, what Donald Trump has actually said out there is “when I’m president I’ll be able to do whatever I want.” No, that’s not the American way. The American tradition is to say the executive branch is to faithfully execute the laws not try to run the country. We don’t need anybody to run our country. We need Washington to faithfully execute the laws and reaffirm American greatness, which is in the communities of Nebraska and Iowa.


No clearer contrast can be drawn between Conservative America and Obama’s Third World Kleptocracy or between Cruz, Rubio and even Jeb Bush and Chris Christie and the Peronist vision of Donald Trump than this statement.


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