(VIDEO) NRA Exposes the Lie Of the "Australian Example" Of Gun Control

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The Democrats are afraid to admit that their final objective in gun control in banning firearms. Instead, they use every shooting incident, no matter the cause, as a excuse for more “common sense” gun control. In San Bernardino, for instance, the weapons used by the Islamic terrorists were legally purchased. They were illegally transferred to the killers. The killers attempted to illegally modify them. Obama reacted by demanding that people on the “no fly” list be prohibited from purchasing weapons and for tightening rules on gun sales.

The Great White Whale of American gun grabbers though is the Australian example: the great compulsory disarming of Australia under the guise of a “buyback” program:

Note here that Clinton harps on automatic weapons which were not the target of the Australian program. In the US croquet mallets are used just as frequently in homicides as automatic weapons.

The NRA has started pushback to try to make sure the idea doesn’t go any further. Via The Hill:

The NRA video shows Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton calling Australia’s gun buyback program a “good example” that is “worth considering.” And it shows Obama dismissing such worries during a recent CNN town hall on guns.

“We are creating a plot to take everybody’s guns away so that we can impose martial law?” Obama says mockingly in the video. “Yes, that is a conspiracy.”

“When they’re talking about Australia, they’re talking about bans & confiscation,” the video says.

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