Bald Ted, Frigid Hillary, and Bernie-In-A-Gas-Chamber: The Strange Twitter World of Donald Trump

donald-trump-caricature-flickr-cc.jpg January 6, 2016

donald trump caricature flickr cc
Drunk tweeting, like so many other activities undertaken with the aid of alcohol, seems extremely empowering at the time… but ultimately the euphoria and invincibility wear off and all your are left with is the walk of shame. There are several aggregations of the Twitter wit and wisdom of Donald Trump (here | here for starters) but the campaign season has really brought out the “interesting” side of Trump.

Bald Ted

I have to confess I don’t even know what this is supposed to mean or why they felt it necessary to PhotoShop Cruz’s hair line.

Frigid Hillary

trump tweet hillary One of the things that keeps society glued together is our learned ability to not say the first thing that comes to our minds. Especially if you are a prominent businessman with political aspirations. Whether true or false there are things mature adults just shouldn’t say.


One of the most amusing things about the lack of filter on Trump’s twitter world is that he will retweet most anything that he perceives as vaguely complimentary. For instance:  

One would think that a Twitter account with the name @WhiteGenocideTM would be a subtle clue that you might want to engage in a bit of due diligence before retweeting. But you would be wrong. If they had looked at the Twitter timeline they would have found more than ample illness of racism, anti-Semitism, and garden variety mental illness to warn them off. Like this:
trump sanders gas chamber

It is really difficult to add commentary to this.

Now to his ardent supporters, none of this makes a difference. This is merely evidence of Trump’s anti-political-correctness cred. There is, though, a thin and yet bright line between off color humor and the despicable. This is a line the frequently eludes Trump when he is on a roll as the self proclaimed master of the 140-character Twitter medium.