How Hillary Clinton Is Just Like Aldrich Ames And Robert Hanssen

Hillary Clinton's Underground Communications Center by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

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I’ve chronicled how Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecure and unclassified email system and server have compromised highly sensitive US intelligence. We still don’t know why she elected to do this. It could be just Leona-Helmsley-style arrogance that refused to play by the same rules as the “little people.” It could be, and I think there is a great case to be made here, that Hillary used sensitive US intelligence as trading cards to give Sid Blumenthal’s pathetic little faux-intelligence agency material to exchange for intelligence from other sources. We also know that Hillary’s private server was accessible by the Clinton Foundation and it is highly likely that the information she stored on the server informed business deals cut by Clinton cronies.

One gets the feeling that the FBI and the Intelligence Community are pissed off at the prospect of Hillary Clinton skating for her mishandling of sensitive US intelligence information and they are leaking like a sieve to ensure that their side of the story is known.

Just a short while ago I posted on the newest revelations about Hillary Clinton’s emails. It is already outdated by news that is well beyond even my worst thoughts about what Clinton had on her server. She quite possibly had been the cause of someone being killed:

At least one of the emails on Hillary Clinton’s private server contained extremely sensitive information identified by an intelligence agency as “HCS-O,” which is the code used for reporting on human intelligence sources in ongoing operations, according to two sources not authorized to speak on the record.

According to a December 2013 policy document released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence: “The HSC-0 compartment (Operations) is used to protect exceptionally fragile and unique IC (intelligence community) clandestine HUMINT operations and methods that are not intended for dissemination outside of the originating agency.”

Dan Maguire, former Special Operations strategic planner for Africom, told Fox News the disclosure of sensitive material impacts national security and exposes U.S. sources.

“There are people’s lives at stake. Certainly in an intel SAP, if you’re talking about sources and methods, there may be one person in the world that would have access to the type of information contained in that SAP,” he said.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, try this:

Separately, Fox News has learned that the so-called “spillage” of classified information is greater than the “several dozen” emails identified in the January 14 letter to Congress, which also acknowledged for the first time, that the Clinton emails contained intelligence beyond Top Secret, also known as Special Access Programs (SAPs).

The source said that the “several dozen” refers to the main or principal email thread identified by reviewers, not the number of times that classified information was forwarded, replied to or copied to people who did not have a “need-to-know” using unsecured communication channels — in this case a personal server.  More than one Special Access Program was affected.

There are several threads that run through this.

First, this information cannot have come to Hillary Clinton via legitimate means. Sensitive HUMINT sources are some of the most closely guarded secrets there are. But consider, we have already seen that Sid Blumenthal was feeding Hillary classified SIGINT that neither of them had reason to possess.

Second, this conclusively kills Hillary’s defense that the stuff was classified after the fact. There is no way possible that human source intelligence made its way into open publications and it is equally impossible that the IC IG is going to point at open source information as having a highly classified pedigree even if it did.

Third, this source has been compromised. He or she has either been turned or they are dead or in prison. Why? Because everybody and their brother has rummaged through Hillary’s server. Both former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and former deputy CIA Director Mike Morrell have said that it is virtually certain that several foreign intelligence agencies have browsed her server as it is assumed that every non-classifed server associated with the US government has been penetrated.

As we noted last year, a former Defense Intelligence analyst shares Gates and Morell’s conclusion on this, telling Bloomberg, “I have no doubt in my mind that this thing was penetrated by multiple foreign powers, to assume otherwise is to put blinders on.” We know for a fact that ‘Russia-linked hackers’ made multiple attempts to access Clinton’s server, which was shockingly under-secured — including a three-month period in which it featured no encryption at all.

Back in 1994, CIA agent Aldrich Ames was arrested for espionage. Among his other crimes he was responsible for the execution of at least six high level US agents operating in the USSR. In 2001, FBI agent Robert Hanssen was also arrest for espionage. His activities led to the deaths of at least three US agents by the USSR. What Hillary Clinton has done here, in the exposing of a US-run human source to imprisonment or death by her deliberate mishandling of classified information is not all that different from what Ames and Hanssen did. She handled information she was not authorized to have and she stored it as securely as if she has left it on the table at a Starbucks. She, or her cronies, may have used it for personal gain. In fact, if she had left it on the table at Starbucks the Russians wouldn’t have it.

Hillary Clinton is a criminal. Period. Full Stop. End of discussion. She may very well evade consequences because of her name and situation but she is a criminal and she should be in prison.

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