Donald Trump Was For the GOP Establishment Before He Was Against It

For a guy who is trying desperately to run as an outsider who wants to fix a corrupt system, Trump gives off the aura of a born and bred member of the the Establishment who uses his money to buy influence. Back when he was a liberal Democrat, that would be about a year ago, he contributed heavily to liberal causes and progressive politicians.


Now Erick Erickson, writing at The Resurgent (if you don’t read it daily you are really missing it), reports that Trump was a major contributor to John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and the Establishment PACs that were working to crush Matt Bevin in Kentucky, Chris McDaniel in Mississippi, Milton Wolf in Kansas and others:

In 2013, the tea party rallied to Matt Bevin against Donald Trump. RedState and tea party groups around the country swung into action in an ultimately unsuccessful bid to get Matt Bevin through the primary against Mitch McConnell. We were completely out-funded by establishment interests and Washington lobbyists.

It turns out, one of those establishment interests was Donald J. Trump.

In 2013, Donald Trump gave $220,000.00 to organizations, many of them dedicated to stamping out the Tea Party. From Karl Rove’s American Crossroads to Mitch McConnell’s Super PAC, Trump spread out money. Rove got $50,000.00 and McConnell got $60,000.00. Trump also wrote a check to McConnell’s campaign directly for $5,200.00.

What’s more, Trump also gave $100,000.00 to the Congressional Leadership Fund, a Republican Establishment PAC that was created to crush conservatives at the behest of John Boehner.


When you look at who is lining up to support Trump and his business practices it is obvious that Trump is the quintessential Establishment insider gulling the credulous into voting for him because he says he is an outsider.


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