Hillary Clinton Campaign Accuses Obama Political Appointee Of Colluding With Republicans

This is insane.

As background, back in August the Intelligence Community Inspector General, a guy named Charles McCollough, identified several SECRET documents in Hillary Clinton’s trailer-trash email server and he also found two emails which were classified as TOP SECRET/Code Word documents. Hillary Clinton’s friends and supporters at the State Department tried to muscle the Intelligence Community IG into downgrading the classification to UNCLASSIFIED and McCollough stuck to his guns. Now he has identified “several dozen”, his characterization not mine, highly classified documents including more of the TOP SECRET/Code Word variety. This last revelation tells us that the IC IG and his staff have identified these to the 150+ FBI agents now involved in various aspects of the Clinton email investigation and there is no longer any “negotiation” on-going between State and the IC over the classification of “several dozen” documents. (I don’t want to recap the whole scandal, my coverage is here.)


Now McClatchy is reporting that the Clinton campaign is using the old Clinton tactic of attacking the reputation of anyone who challenges the Clintons.

Hillary Clinton’s spokesman accused the Intelligence Community Inspector General Wednesday of working with Republicans to attack the Democratic presidential front-runner.

“I think this was a very coordinated leak,” Brian Fallon said on CNN. “Two months ago there was a…report that directly challenged the finding of this inspector general, and I don’t think he liked that very much. So I think that he put two Republican senators up to sending him a letter so that he would have an excuse to resurface the same allegations he made back in the summer that have been discredited.”

This is sheer desperation. McCollough has been an FBI agent and assistant US attorney along with many other highly sensitive positions. He was nominated to the position by Obama in August 2011. He was introduced to the Senate committee by Dianne Feinstein. He received unanimous approval to the position.

There is no way in hell the Clinton campaign is going to be able to write this off to some bizarre plot by an Obama political appointee and Senate Republicans to sandbag Clinton.



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