(VIDEO) BULLFEATHERS! Mother of Benghazi Victim Breaks Down And Calls Hillary Clinton A Liar

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Earlier today, my colleague Jay Caruso posted on Democrat politicians calling the survivors of the sacking of our embassy in Benghazi liars. This is par for the course for Democrats. This is how they treat anyone, particularly veterans, who do not toe the line. Look at the way they treated the men who told the truth about John Kerry’s disgraceful, self-aggrandizing service in the Navy.


As you know, the movie chronicling the Benghazi debacle, 13 Hours, is out and it paints an ugly picture of the Clinton State Department.

Last night, Patricia Smith, mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith, was on Megyn Kelly’s show talking about the movie. It was heartbreaking.

KELLY: I’m going to ask Pat, because I know you were there and my heart goes out to you as a mother. I know how difficult that must have been for you. And you were not able to stay throughout the whole movie.

SMITH: I left as soon as Sean came on the screen. The person that portrayed him… I couldn’t handle it. Hillary is a liar! I know what she told me.

KELLY: Oh, Pat…I know it must be so hard. So many people want to put this behind them and say Hillary sat there, she testified for her own thirteen hours. And they say its done.They say there is no story about Benghazi and that she did everything she could do through the fog of war and she came right out and said she is not lying, suggesting you are the one who is lying about what happened at that Air Force base.

SMITH: Bullfeathers! That’s just plain old bull. I know what she said, and not only did she say it but Obama said the same thing to me, and Panetta, and Biden, and Susan Rice. I went up to all of them, begging them to tell me what happened. And they all said it was the video. Every one of them.


The stance taken by Hillary and the Obama administration on this is just incredible. They made a conscious decision to lie about the cause of the attack on our embassy even though they knew, even as the attack unfolded, that it was an al-Qaeda affiliate. They sent Susan Rice out to lie to the nation. They actually arrested the video maker. They lied to the survivors of the attack. And they continue to lie.

It is amazing that the left hasn’t adopted this woman the way they did the odious and deranged Cindy Sheehan, isn’t it. Unless their use for Sheehan was always as a tool to harm George Bush rather than any sympathy for her or respect for her dead son.


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