Barack Obama Says He Didn't Realize There Was Fear Of Terrorism Because He Doesn't Watch Cable News

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Now that it is two weeks after the San Bernardino shooting, Barack Obama is finally getting around to visiting the families. This is in stark contrast to how his administration handled Sandy Hook and Charlston and the deserved shootings of thugs Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. But very similar to how he has handled the Chattanooga case.


Not only is Barack Obama late in visiting San Bernarndino — recall that he sang at the funeral of the victims of the Charleston shooting — he is claiming that he was totally, completely unaware that the murder of 14 innocent people by Islamic terrorists and the revelation that other attacks had been planned had people on edge about terrorism. The reason being that he doesn’t watch cable news:

President Obama said in a private meeting this week that he initially failed to understand the level of national anxiety in the wake of the Paris and San Bernardino terrorist attacks, in part, because he didn’t watch enough cable news.

In an off-the-record meeting with journalists on Tuesday, Obama said that he did not watch enough cable news to fully recognize the extent of people’s fears, sources with knowledge of the meeting told CNN. That characterization of Obama’s remarks was included in a New York Times article, but later removed while the article was being edited for the print edition.

One of the hallmarks of the Obama administration — I mean other than lawlessness, the willingness to kill people to prove a point, a rank incompetence — is that whenever something bad happens you can depend on Obama having been out of the loop. For instance, Sharyl Atkisson has this run down.


What Obama said is pure nonsense. He has staff. His DHS director has been interviewed and questioned. Major polling firms have done polls on the subject. He knew what was going on but to acknowledge the increased concern about terrorism he would have to address the fact that the cause was the terrorist group he created, ISIS; that is was carried out by members of the administration’s favored religion; and that one of the killers gained entry to the United States because political correctness prevented a true background check.

The takeaway from this is obvious. Obama was dog-whistling his friends in the media… most of whom did not report this stunning revelation… that they were told to downplay the terrorism angle in San Bernardino. And he was giving them the storyline: the terrorism concern held by the public is a function of alarmist pundits appearing on cable news, there is no real terrorism threat, just a false fear fed by networks anxious for ratings.



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