EXCLUSIVE. First Photos Of Obama Visiting Victims' Families In San Bernardino

When members of a Charleston, SC, church were gunned down, Barack Obama was on the scene. He put on his faux-black-man-from-the-Deep-South accent and moaned his way through Amazing Grace. He was part of a “prayer vigil” at Sandy Hook. He sent personal representatives to the funeral of thuggish bully Michael Brown. He met with the parents of deceased thuglet, Trayvon Martin. He sent more representatives to the funeral of Baltimore street criminal, Freddie Gray.


My headline, of course, is a joke. There are no images of Barack Obama with the San Bernardino families because he hasn’t been there. There also aren’t any images of him with the families of the four members of the Armed Forces who were gunned down in Chattanooga. Because he has never visited them.

One is left with the inescapable conclusion that the only time Obama is vaguely interested in the families of shooting victims is when their deaths support a narrative his administration is pushing: gun control, racial hatred, police brutality. When the shooters are Islamic radicals he runs like a scalded dog because Muslims are his favored religion and Islamic radicals are more precious to him than the average not Islamic radical American.


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