Five Reasons No One Believes Colorado Springs Was Terrorism


Nothing I have read thus far convinces me that Robert Lewis Dear, the guy arrested for the shootings in Colorado Springs, CO, knows or cares very much about abortion. Violence is a tragedy and those who perpetuate violence, be they Dear or Cecile Richards — and let’s be serious, here, in terms of mere fatalities, Dear can’t hold a candle to Richards — should be punished to the full extent of the law. I am long past the point of caring what happens to either abortion clinics, anyone who works there, or anyone who supports abortion. I feel very much like John Kerry says he felt about the Charlie Hebdo shootings:


There was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of – not a legitimacy, but a rationale that you could attach yourself to somehow and say, okay, they’re really angry because of this and that.

The left, though, is, in the words of the old rugby song, “amusing itself, abusing itself, and rubbing it in its hair” at the thought that he might have some vague antipathy to the killing of children. Their current weapon is labeling him a “white, Christian, terrorist.”

This is one of the things they do: name-calling. They don’t believe Dear was a terrorist any more than I do. The fact that they don’t is obvious from what they have said about the shootings and how they have approached the aftermath.


We know from listening to the left and to Ron Paul that terrorism is a function of “blowback.” Terrorism is always carried out by the weak against the powerful and they weak resort to terrorism in sort of a Newtonian reaction to past grievances. There has been no mention of blowback.

Root Causes

Terrorism, we are told, springs from “root causes.” These root causes must be legitimate because no one resorts to terrorism without legitimate reason. And we know that terrorism can only be stopped by addressing those root causes. The left should be obsessed with why pro-life Christians hate them if they think this is terrorism. There has been no such introspection. There has been no mention of root causes beyond blaming the pro-life message for the violence. Everyone knows this is not how terrorism operates.


Let’s Not Make Them Angry

The left is afraid of those terrorists they are not actively involved in supporting. After Pamela Geller’s “art contest” was shot up, Geller was blamed for provoking the Islamists. The Obama administration tacitly approved of the Charlie Hebdo shootings by refusing to participate in the remembrance ceremony and by John Kerry’s immortal statement in Paris after that terrorist rampage. There has been no hint that the left is afraid of provoking further terrorism by their actions. In fact, the bodies in Colorado Springs literally had not reached room temperature when Planned Parenthood was fundraising off the deaths.

They Mentioned Terrorism

The left refuses to call terrorism what it is. When an Islamic radical killed 13 and wounded 33 at Fort Hood, it was labeled “work place violence.” When an Islamist beheaded one co-worker and stabbed another in Oklahoma, this was work place violence. They still aren’t sure what to call the Garland, TX, shoot out that left two Islamists dead — they are probably still in mourning that Pam Geller wasn’t killed. Terrorism rarely appears attached to the shootings at an armed forces recruiting office in Chattanooga. The very fact the left called this terrorism is proof that they don’t think it was terrorism.

They Mentioned Religion

We all know how unfair it is to attach any mention of religion to terrorism. Most adherents of Christianity are peaceful and Christianity specifically abjures violence. It is no coincidence that one of the many names of Jesus Christ is The Prince of Peace. The very fact they are calling this man a “Christian terrorist” is twice the evidence that they don’t believe what they are saying.


This Is Not Terrorism

If the left really thought this was terrorism the left would make Christianity the state religion and shutter abortion clinics across the nation. They would be voting to pay reparations to Operation Rescue, David Daleiden would received an Academy Award by acclamation, and pro-life parents would be able to send their kids, free, to the college of their choice. Above all, Christianity and terrorism would never be attached to the Colorado Springs shootings.


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