The Real Tragedy Of Paris Is Campus Protests Being Ignored

mizzou3 sm
Hard to believe but true.

Even as French police were looking for terrorists last night the dimwitted, race-baiters at University of Missouri were actually complaining about how the terror attack was taking attention away from them. These screenshots via TheRightScoop, please visit the link for more:


It is really hard to attribute this kind of attitude to anything other than their being hardcore sociopaths. There are more black racists at University of Missouri ON THE FACULTY than there are KKK members. And anyone hiding in their rooms over the bogus and imaginary and grossly overblown incidents at University of Missouri would benefit from pulling on their big-boy pants and pretending to be an adult.

That this bunch of sad little poseurs could even, in jest, equate their privileged existence with what happened in Paris last night is a mark of shame on them and a it shows what kinds of douchebags we have in society, both in college and the parents that whelped these useless gits.