Watch Hillary Clinton Laugh As Man Threatens To "Strangle" Carly Fiorina

hillary demented laugh

Both Donald Trump and Carly Fiornia have been criticized by the press for not correcting random citizens who have expressed the opinion that Barack Obama is a Muslim. I don’t think any observer of American politics thinks Obama believes in any higher power than himself. He certainly isn’t a Christian of any vaguely orthodox sort given his membership in Jeremiah Wright’s tabernacle of racism and hate-mongering. I am also sort of baffled why anyone should be thought to be under an obligation to identify the religion of anyone whom they don’t really know or, more to the point, why Obama being a Muslim wouldn’t be a cause for celebration. But there it is.

Of course, many of us wondered what would happen if a Democrat were put in a similar circumstance. Now we know.

Hillary Clinton was at a campaign stop in New Hampshire. One of the members of the group, who was allegedly a veteran and a form Hewlett-Packard employee said, ““every time I see (Fiorina) on TV, I want to reach through and strangle her.”

One would have thought that at a minimum Hillary would have stopped him and reminded him that was something that men don’t say about women. Given her campaign rhetoric one has every right to expect that she would get all violence-against-women-y and have the Secret Service summarily execute him or at least throw him out.

What does she do?

She laughs. She says, “I wouldn’t mess with you!” and laughs that slightly demented braying laugh of hers.

That shows you, in a nutshell, the dishonest hackery that pervades our media.