The Douche Is Strong In David Sirota ([email protected])

We are entering that season again where dull witted progressives try to manufacture outrage over nothing because outrage is much easier than coherent thought.

Before we go farther here, let’s take a quick trip back to 2011 when a deranged leftist shot Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. The left, and their super PAC, the mainstream media, pounced on Sarah Palin:

But critics of Sarah Palin have already drawn a link between the shooting and the fact that the former Alaska governorput Giffords on a “target list”of lawmakers Palin wanted to see unseated in the midterm elections.

In March, Palin released a map featuring 20 House Democrats that usedcrosshairs images to show their districts. (You can see it here.) Critics suggested at the timethat she was inciting violence by using the crosshairs imagery and for later writing on Twitter to her supporters, “‘Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD!'”

Because no one has ever used the word “target” before except to mean shooting.

Now comes David Sirota. You’ll be forgiven if you never heard of him because he’s not as consequential as his Wikipedia page would indicate. (Pro-tip, if your Wikipedia page describes you as a “blogger” you are a pretentious douche who has wasted their miserable, piss-ant life.) He’s probably most famous for his “Brokeback Mountain” look and the fact that he wrote an opinion piece hoping the Boston Marathon bombers would be white male because White Privilege. (Ace has more on the writing and the look, please take a look) This week, Sirota is styling himself as “senior editor at the International Business Times.

Right after the debate, Sirota set his squinty eyes on a [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] fundraising email.

Pretty stupid, eh? Thanks to the miracle of the internet, the stupidity was really apparent:

It would seem that Sirota was encouraging, via his violent metaphor, people to go out and kill poor people.

That a grown human would trade in this kind of bullsh** reflects a failure of our society. If Sirota had had his ass kicked in middle school or high school, he would have grown into a responsible man who could not only dress and groom himself in a non-embarrassing manner but would refrain from writing really stupid stuff.