Massive tampering of temperature data underway by global warming cultists


soviet-airbrushEarlier I posted on the attempt by the global warming fascists to use the coercive power of the federal government to suppress any dissent to their lunatic predictions of climate apocalypse. That is not to say that there isn’t an actual RICO case to be made, it would just be made against the warmists.

These people routinely hide and falsify data to ensure that the “models” (which are built by this same bunch of clowns) are accurate. We saw that with the fraudulent “hockey stick” graph that Michael Mann, who has been called the ‘Jerry Sandusky of climate change’, used to further the goals of the global warming nutbags and line his own pockets with grant money and speaking fees in the process. In recent years the warmists have carried on a fight against history itself. They have claimed the Medieval Warm Period was no warmer than today AND that is was confined to a small area of the earth. This despite the fact that Greenland had working farms and Iceland exported wheat and extensive evidence of the same warm temperatures in China and Japan. The reason the want to get rid of anomalies is that their models can’t explain them and these anomalies occurred when there was no possible way that humans could be responsible. If you accept the fact that climate fluctuates then, if you are honest (and that would not include virtually any present climate scientist) you have to entertain that the simplest explanation for today’s climate change is natural. Not only do anomalies have to be eliminated, all change has to go in the same direction.

Even as you read this history is being scrubbed and data being created out of whole cloth to cook the books. Ground zero of this criminal enterprise is in the US government: the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

For a while NOAA has been involved in “updating” data. By “updating”, I mean they simply change previously recorded temperatures to higher ones.

The current enemy is the “pause” on our inevitable path the to scorching future imagined by the warmists after a couple of martinis (or lines of blow). This “pause”, generated by actual observations, shows the earth’s temperature to have stabilized. Stability is a bad thing if your livelihood depends on fear-mongering.

Steve Goddard has documented how temperatures have been updated in 2015 to show a warming trend that did not exist in 2014.


Interestingly enough, while NOAA is out torturing thermometer data to make it conform with warmist propaganda and fortune-telling, they have been ignoring temperature data from satellites. Why, you might ask, would these “scientists” ignore scientific data that is the most accurate available in favor of terrestrial stations that are often located at airports. That vertical rod you see near the end of the leftmost wing is the official temperature station:


If the satellite temperature data produces a trend line like this, and you are a warmist fanatic then you might find it to be less than helpful.

satellite temp data
This is a fraud unprecedented in the annals of science. It is exactly what the Soviets under Stalin did to remove inconvenient persons from history.