UPDATED Rumor: Scott Walker Dumps Campaign Manager Rick Wiley

The Washington Post had a story earlier today about the growing disarray in the Scott Walker campaign.

There is mounting anxiety among Scott Walker donors about the direction of his campaign and increasing fears that it is running low on cash, leading to a growing consensus among some of the Wisconsin governor’s biggest financial backers that he needs to make a dramatic change.

Most of the ire is directed at campaign manager Rick Wiley, who Walker supporters believe expanded the staff too quickly and has failed to calibrate spending during the summer fundraising season. A recent count put the number of full-time staff at around 90, and there have been no cutbacks in salaries, as there were earlier this summer in former Florida governor Jeb Bush’s campaign.

“There is a substantial amount of chatter that he needs to go,” said one major Walker fundraiser, who requested anonymity to discuss private conversations. “People are worried.”

Walker aides, who declined to comment on the record, dismissed the idea of a management shake-up.

Right now there is a rumor circulating in political circles that Scott Walker has already dumped long-time RNC apparatchik, Rick Wiley, from his position as campaign manager and a lot more turmoil is on the horizon.

Under Wiley, the Walker campaign has burned through cash and goodwill like there was no tomorrow. It is probably too late for this to make much of a difference to Walker’s campaign, putting this decision in the running to win the too-little-too-late award.

The Walker campaign is claiming the story is not true. I am standing by my sources. 

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