John Kerry Appoints Clinton Donor to Oversee Email Production

We are rapidly getting to the point where the imagination fails to compete with the reality unfolding. After a day in which the Intelligence Community IGs confirmed there was Top Secret reconnaissance satellite material on Hillary’s email server that was in an unsecured bathroom closet in Colorado and we got to see a doddering old nursing home occupant Hillary apologize for nothing, we are confronted with this:

Secretary of State John Kerry has named a new czar to improve transparency at the State Department as the agency struggles to overcome archaic recordkeeping practices and glacial handling of public records requests — shortcomings exposed by the continuing furor over Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account as America’s top diplomat.

Ambassador Janice Jacobs will assume the newly created position of “transparency coordinator,” Kerry said in a statement Tuesday.

Kirby acknowledged that the impetus for creation of the new position was, in part, due to intense public attention in Clinton’s emails…

As the Clinton email saga has unfolded, State has been blasted by federal judges for the sluggishness of its responses to FOIA requests. Delays of several years for complex requests are not uncommon. State initially proposed that it release redacted versions of Clinton’s emails en masse next January. A judge dismissed that suggestion and ordered that batches of the messages be produced monthly through January.

For the first time in her life, Hillary can legitimately say that she created a job.

This is all eyewash. Ambassador Jacobs is coming out of retirement to take on this job. She is not going to have the clout to knock heads with the Michael Corleone of this cover up, State Department Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy. The way State is organized, all staff support Jacobs gets will have to come from Kennedy and even the dimmest of bulbs has to know that when the heat evaporates from the Hillary email scandal that Jacobs will return to sipping fruity drinks with cute little umbrellas and playing shuffleboard… and the staff assisting her will go back to work for Kennedy.

To make it even more laughable is that Jacobs is a significant contributor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign:

Jacobs, who most recently worked as Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs before retiring last year, appears to have donated the maximum $2,700 to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in June, according to records from the Federal Election Commission.

Because nothing says transparency like hiring a Clinton partisan to oversee the release of Hillary Clinton’s email.

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