Most ridiculous defense of Hillary Clinton's email scandal. EVER.

Most ridiculous defense of Hillary Clinton's email scandal. EVER.

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From the Huffington Post comes this story titled Out of Touch Punditry Should Get a Grip — Hillary’s Email Is Non-Story. It is, appropriately, written by a guy named Robert Creamer, aka Mr. Jan Schakowsky, who doesn’t seem to have done much with his life other than hang on the edge of politics.

In fact, no one outside the chattering class — and right-wing true believers — could give a rat’s rear about this story — and there is a good reason: there is no “there” there. If someone really thinks the great “email” story — or the Benghazi investigation — are going to sink her candidacy, I’ve got a bridge to sell them.

Of course, this is not the first time that the media — with an assist from right-wing political operatives — have laid into Hillary Clinton in an attempt to create a “scandal” where there was none.

According to Creamer, two independent inspector generals, including that representing the nation’s intelligence community, plus the Federal Bureau of Investigation have joined both the VRWC and the ‘chattering class.’ We also have to believe that the New York Times is the implacable enemy of the Clintons:

What might really feed a negative narrative would be the New York Times’ own story several weeks ago that falsely accused Ms. Clinton of being under criminal investigation. Which she is not and never was. The Times public editor acknowledged that the story was false and that it feed another narrative: that the New York Times had an ax to grind against the Clintons.

Then we get the strawman:

At the time Ms. Clinton was Secretary of State there was no prohibition against the Secretary of State having a private email server. In fact, no Secretary of State before Ms. Clinton had a government email account.

This isn’t true. Condoleeza Rice had a .gov email account while secretary of state. But that isn’t the issue. If the secretary of state has a private email account that doesn’t have any affect whatsoever on the legal responsibility to safeguard classified information. Then we go on to a huge lie:

None of the emails on the Secretary’s personal account were classified at the time they were sent or received.

In fact, at least two of the emails contained information derived from US reconnaissance satellites. They were classified at the time and they remain classified. The fact that Hillary on one of her minions stripped security classification from the material doesn’t change that. Even were that the case, you can be prosecuted, successfully, for the possession of information the government has retroactively classified.

And he tops it off with a non sequitur:

Finally, no one has ever pointed to an instance where the fact that something was on her server instead of a government server had any negative consequences whatsoever.

The same case can be made for David Petraeus or the other people Obama’s Justice Department has prosecuted for mishandling classified information where no harm was done.

As sad as this defense is, it probably is the best that is available to Team Hillary. When viewed in its most charitable light, Hillary was callously contemptuous of security classification and of the requirement to safeguard classified material. In its worst case, that information was used as marketing material to entice foreign leaders to pay Bill Clinton for speeches and to subsidize the shadow intelligence operation run by Tyler Drumheller and Sid Blumenthal.

It is difficult to see how her campaign survives this. In a best case scenario, Barack Obama does a Gerald Ford and pardons her so that the Democrats have a candidate. The next best outcome is that she goes into the primary season with one or more of her closest associates under indictment for mishandling classified information and probably for lying to federal agents. Farther along the spectrum is a continuing investigation that takes all the oxygen out of her campaign and, worst case, she, herself is indicted. In the light of this, it seems as though Joe Biden entering the race is a real possibility.



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