Obama administration uses China, Russia to lobby Democrats

Nothing says the Iran nuclear deal is great for America like sending Chinese and Russian lobbyists to convince Democrats to vote for it.

Some of Washington’s less reliable partners are worried too: Top diplomats from Russia and China joined a rare meeting of world powers’ envoys on Capitol Hill this week with roughly 30 Senate Democrats to tamp down concerns over the nuclear agreement.


These people can’t be bothered to consult their constituents but they have time to be schmoozed by representatives of two totalitarian powers who are united in damaging American interests.

This article in Foreign Policy is notable for several things.

First, it is emblematic of the way the Obama administration has co-opted the American foreign policy establishment (by that I mean people who live in America and profess an interest in foreign policy rather than people who are pushing a foreign policy that keeps America safe) into supporting a truly ill-conceived and disastrous agreement with Iran simply because it is an agreement.

Second, it demonstrates the complete collapse of any modicum of nationalism on the part of the Democrat party. That party has ceased to be American in any sense but that they have American passports and the head of that party is actively campaigning against the interests of this nation and the safety of its citizens.

Third, is shows the people sent by our “partners” to convince Democrats to place their countrymen in danger are either total morons or duplicitious f**ks who should be flogged from Capitol Hill to Reagan National Airport. For instance:


“The prospect of the rejection of a deal makes us nervous,” Philipp Ackermann, the acting German ambassador to the United States, said Thursday. “It would be a nightmare for every European country if this is rejected.”

British Ambassador Peter Westmacott insisted any chances of getting a better deal were “far-fetched,” according to two individuals in the room. He also speculated that international sanctions against Tehran would fall apart even if Congress blocked the deal — a view seconded by Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

This is nonsense. The United Nations has already lifted sanctions on Iran. Nothing Congress can do can block the proposed deal with Iran.



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