Obama launches probe of Center for Medical Progress


Unless you are psychopathic, sadistic, douchebag (like here, for instance) you’ve been appalled by the two videos released by the citizen journalist group, Center for Medical Progress. In it we see two women who were trained as doctors blithely haggling over the price of baby parts. Eight states, the GAO and the Congress have launched investigations into whether — really, to what extent — this violated the law on performing late term abortions, selling baby parts, failing to execute informed consent of patients, and modifying the abortion procedure to maximize profits. Now the Department of Justice has joined the fray. It has decided to investigate the people who made the video.


JUSTICE TO PROBE CENTER FOR MEDICAL PROGRESS — While congressional committees investigate Planned Parenthood’s practices, the Justice Department agreed to look into whether the group that released the sting videos obtained the footage legally. In response to a request by House Democrats, Attorney General Loretta Lynch saidWednesday afternoon that Justice would “review all of the information and determine what the appropriate steps moving forward would be.” Planned Parenthood has staunchly defended its practices and claims that the Center for Medical Progress illegally obtained its footage, then excessively edited it to misrepresent what the organization does.

Center Executive Director David Daleiden isn’t phased. “They will attack me and my organization all day long, but that does not change the facts about what our investigation has uncovered and what the American people now know — that Planned Parenthood is engaged in an enterprise-wide operation that traffics and sells baby body parts,” he said in a statement.

There are three reasons for this. First, the Obama administration is really down with killing babies. It was a deservedly obscure Illinois state senator named Barack Obama who voted against a bill that would have made it illegal to kill a baby when the abortion failed and it was born alive. The second is that this scandal has rocked Planned Parenthood to its foundations. the Infanticide Caucus in Congress is trying to protect the organization that is a huge source of Democrat campaign cash and foot soldiers. In fact, this bizarre investigation by a letter from Democrat congressmen:


Reps. [mc_name name=’Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’S001145′ ] (D-Ill.), [mc_name name=’Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’L000397′ ] (D-Calif.), Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) and [mc_name name=’Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’C001067′ ] (D-N.Y.) asked U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and California Attorney General Kamala Harris on Tuesday to review whether the anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress broke state and federal laws when it created a fake human tissue procurement company in order to gain access to and secretly film Planned Parenthood staffers. The Huffington Post reported on Friday that the CMP may have also illegally deceived the IRS and its donors by posing as a biomedicine charity in 2013. 

The third reason is that this sting was years in the making and there are more videos coming.

An attorney for Planned Parenthood warned Congress on Monday that he expects the Center for Medical Progress, an undercover anti-abortion group, to release more sting videos that claim the family planning provider is engaged in illegal and racially biased activities.

By launching an federal investigation into CMP, Planned Parenthood and the pro-aborts in Congress hope to scare the people behind this operation and deter them from releasing more video. One doesn’t know if the Department of Justice will go the route of the Democrat investigators in Wisconsin and the Obama investigation of Reason.com and issue a gag order and seize the material CMP has to prevent its release. (Seven years ago I would have banned myself for writing that as a batsh** crazy conspiracy theorist but after two Obama administrations we know this type of thing is now SOP).


It is shameful that the Department of Justice is taking a pass on investigating crimes admitted to or heavily implied in video interviews and is instead launching a fishing expedition in order to shutdown  investigative reporting.


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