Hillary Clinton: we are scared of a black man in a hoodie

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign event in West Columbia

Yesterday the ever glib, Hillary Clinton had a senior moment at a campaign stop:

Let’s be honest: For a lot of well-meaning, open-minded white people, the sight of a young black man in a hoodie still evokes a twinge of fear.  And news reports about poverty and crime and discrimination evoke sympathy, even empathy, but too rarely do they spur us to action or prompt us to question our own assumptions and privilege.

We can’t hide from any of these hard truths about race and justice in America.  We have to name them and own them and then change them.


Clinton is obviously using her best Louisville slugger to try to discretely open yet another conversation about race but it is so ham handed that if a Republican had said exactly the same thing he would be investigated for a hate crime and sent off to a FEMA-run re-education camp.

Is it even true? Perhaps in the lily-white neighborhoods Clinton has inhabited for the past 20 years where the only black guy you see is part of the household staff.  But this is really sad stuff. In the macro it is a crock of crap. There may be some number of white people who get a “twinge of fear” at the sight of a black man in a hoodie. Racists are out there and most of them live in upscale, all-white neighborhoods and vote Democrat. But most of us live in a world of context where age, dress, location, actions, and, yes, even race are weighed for signs of danger. What Clinton is trying to do is to evoke the innocent-child-trayvon-martin meme or the hands-up-don’t-shoot meme in order to dog whistle both the racists and kill-whitey crowd she is hoping to win over.


It is sad that in the twilight of a regime that has worked overtime to pit Americans against each other based of race and class that we see that Clinton is going to continue the same policy if elected.


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