Bob Corker's Iran Nuclear Deal and the triumph of Failure Theater

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This morning the United States stands upon the cusp of abject surrender to Iran. Not only are we about to sign an agreement which locks in Iran’s ability to build nuclear weapons, we are doing so without requiring them to renounce terrorism and we will pay them something approaching $100 billion for the privilege.


Mitch McConnell is making tough noises about the deal:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell used the phrase “hard sell” at least five times in just a few minutes Sunday, as he and other lawmakers cast doubt on Iranian nuclear negotiations amid reports a deal could be imminent.

The Kentucky Republican noted on “Fox News Sunday” that Congress would have 60 days to review a potential deal and that President Barack Obama would ultimately need 34 senators to support an agreement.

Read that carefully. The ‘hard sell’ McConnell talks about is one in which the votes of 34 senators are needed to provide a state sponsor of terrorism with nuclear weapons. But thanks to the big-brained, far-sighted leadership of  Bob Corker (R-Eunuch) any power the Congress has to control the nature of this deal is zero. There will be cosmetic votes but, in essence, the deal was signed on May 7 when the Senate approved a Corker authored plan to strip the Senate of its advise and consent power.

The Senate voted overwhelmingly Thursday to approve legislation allowing Congress to review a nuclear deal with Iran in a 98-1 vote.

Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) was the only senator to oppose the bill. He said in a statement that he objected that the deal was not to be presented to the Congress as a treaty.

“A nuclear-arms agreement with any adversary—especially the terror-sponsoring, Islamist Iranian regime—should be submitted as a treaty and obtain a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate as required by the Constitution,” he said.

The Senate bill would require a competed deal to be submitted to Congress, which could then vote to approve or disapprove the nuclear deal within 30 days. Sanctions on Iran could not be lifted during this consideration.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), after the vote, suggested that passage of the bill allows Congress to take “power back” from President Obama. He also said it ensures the Congress will play “an appropriate role” in the nuclear talks.


All of this has sent Bob Corker back to Failure Theater

On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker said he had major concerns about whether an agreement would actually be verifiable and enforceable.

“Likely, Iran will cheat by inches,” the Tennessee Republican said. “They will just cheat, cheat, cheat. And, over time, it’s like boiling an egg. They end up with a nuclear weapon.”

At the end of the day, he suggested, “people are going to vote their conscience.”

Iran is already in violation of the agreement. While their negotiators were busy in Munich Vienna, they were busting arms control sanctions in search of nuclear material and technology.

Corker is the man that let this happen. Corker is the man that set up the deal so Obama could do whatever he wants. Corker is the gutless puke who decided that courage was something he did not possess and allowed US alliances in the Middle East to be held hostage to Iranian threats and ensured that any future war with Iran will be nuclear.

You can see that Corker and McConnell are already using their Obamacare playbook in service of the Iran nuclear deal. They are talking about how tough they are going to be and what they are going to do but, in fact, they will do nothing. They have colluded with Obama to create a deal that CANNOT be unraveled by a future president and it will happen without a majority vote of the Congress.





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