Why I am more honest and less biased than Politico


RedState is an unabashedly conservative site and I, myself, have been serving up hot, dripping red meat freshly torn from the butts of Democrats and Communists, to the extent there is a difference, for over a decade. Yet after the past couple of days I’ve come conclusion that by any objective standard I am both more honest and less biased in my coverage of national events than Politico.

A couple of days ago a stenographer at Politico named Adam B. Lerner (@AdamBLerner) wrote an totally dishonest article on Scott Walker. This article was not merely an error-strewn travesty, it was a deliberate, pre-meditated, malicious slander. One doesn’t know if Adam B. Lerner learned this at Cornell. It is entirely possible that an institution that awarded Keith Olbermann a degree has now integrated stupidity and dishonesty into its curriculum, so perhaps he isn’t culpable. But Adam B. Lerner is about 25 years old and has no experience at much of anything so naturally Politico allows him to cover national politics without adult supervision

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker defended his decision to sign a law in Wisconsin mandating ultrasounds for women before they get abortions, calling ultrasounds “just a cool thing out there.”

As my colleague, Caleb Howe, pointed out, the only way you can arrive at this paragraph is a) cut and paste random remarks absent context, or b) act as a stenographer for far left groups and simply transfer to Politico whatever are the latest talking points.

This is not an accident or an anomaly. This is Politico’s stock in trade. No journalist with any integrity would have written this story. Any editor worth a tinker’s dam would have asked to see a transcript… or at least read the article. But a quick hit on political opponents — and let’s not deceive ourselves here, Politico is a part of the Democrat establishment — is just too good to pass up. Let’s go back to 2011 when Ben Smith, oddly enough now editor-in-chief at BuzzFeed, decided to mock a Tea Party organization over an image they used on an email.

Last Friday, Barack Hussein Obama, visited a Washington, DC, synagogue for something to do with Jewish Heritage Month. There he said:

Earlier this week, I was actually interviewed by one of your members, Jeff Goldberg. And Jeff reminded me he once called me the first Jewish president.

If I was 25 years old and had sat through four years at Cornell, I could easily have done what “Adam B. Lerner” did and write a headline — a headline that would have set the sitemeter racing — that said “Obama Says He Is First Jewish President.”

In fact, that headline would be more accurate and require much less cutting and pasting that Lerner’s lede paragraph.

If I used Lerner’s standard I could blog myself into a stupor each day inventing things Democrats didn’t say.

Why didn’t I? Because, unlike Lerner and unlike Politico, I don’t find it necessary to make up stuff. If you can read the antics of this administration and not be outraged you are comatose. Because, unlike Lerner and unlike Politico, I don’t reprint advocacy emails under my byline… and if I use them, I attribute the source. Because, unlike Lerner and unlike Politico, I have a sense of shame my parent instilled in me that tells me lying about people, even people you detest, is wrong. Because, unlike Lerner and unlike Politico, I believe there is a threshold of decency that shouldn’t be crossed even in the service of attaining your political objectives.