Episcopal Seminary: Jesus Christ is a Transexual Icon

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Yesterday, I posted on how history is being tortured in the service of promoting homosexual marriage as a completely normal thing that was honored through the ages but lately forbidden by uptight, sexually repressed white guys. It isn’t sufficient that marriage, and institution formed by Christ, be made to support distinctly un-Christian acts, now our Savior, himself, is being outed as a transexual.

The political left has always been quick to enlist Christ in their causes even when they are, themselves, devout atheists. For instance,

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Really? A devout Jew? What food did Jesus, who is God, prescribe for the Passover (hint: not kale and quinoa)? What is the only food in the Bible that we know Christ ate (Luke 24:35-48)– it ain’t tofu?

So it will come as no surprise that now we learn that Christ was actually transexual.

Patrick Cheng, an ordained minister in the majority-homosexual Metropolitan Community Churches and an openly homosexual faculty member at EDS, attempted to claim biblical characters such as the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8 as examples of transgenderism.

“There’s a lot of work being done on the transgendered Christ,” Cheng revealed, producing several different books that either focused upon or addressed the notion of Christ as transgendered.

“Jesus has the experience of being excluded from the family,” Cheng noted, listing another perceived commonality with transsexuals, along with a sense of homelessness.

“[Author] Virginia Mollenkott says that if Jesus was truly born of a virgin – a truly parthenogenetic birth with no male to contribute a Y chromosome, Jesus would have had XX chromosomes,” Cheng explained. “Mollenkott said that if he is said to have a male body but with XX chromosomes, that’s sort of a trans Jesus.”

Cheng also noted how author Justin Tanis wrote that resurrection can be an important metaphor for transsexuals – Jesus was still the same person, but in a different body.

“Justin even talks about communion as taking hormones, sort of sacramental theology as hormones,” Cheng said. “I think it shows the exciting and interesting work that is out there.”

That this kind of poppycock is discussed in academic circles it not a surprise. Mental masturbation is the stock in trade of academia. Outrageous ideas get you attention and impress your fellow lackwits. And I suppose, sadly, it should be no surprise that this hogwash was discussed at an Episcopalian coven seminary: the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I say it should be no surprise as the Episcopal Church in America has completely disavowed Christianity as revealed by God and as practiced for two millenia. This total rupture from the body of Christ culminated in the ordination of Gene Robinson, a homosexual living — openly and notoriously, as lawyers say — in a state of mortal sin, as a bishop. Now, it seems like the Episcopal denomination, having killed off the vestigial traces of Christianity, is now hellbent on trolling the rest of us.