Abortion, capital punishment and the left's malleable morality


On April 29, 2014, the State of Oklahoma executed a vicious and unrepentant rapist and murderer named Clayton Lockett. The execution team missed Lockett’s vein with the IV and injected the drug into muscle tissue. It wasn’t pretty. But it worked. Lockett eventually died of a heart attack– perhaps after experiencing some of the terror that his victims experienced as they waited to die. The left, predictably, went five shades of bat****.

Obama, never missing a race he couldn’t bait, issued a statement saying the execution fell short of humane standards. The ACLU was waddy-panties over Lockett having to “die in pain.” At Thinkprogress.org, they had this to say:

We know that Lockett, and other inmates like Wilson and McGuire, suffered horribly before their deaths. But the truth is that this kind of suffering may be the norm. We do not know how much pain the inmates who appear to drift off quietly actually feel during their executions — and the only people who can tell us what they were feeling are dead.

I bring this up because there isn’t a requirement that an condemned criminal not suffer pain. There is only a requirement that they die. I could give a rat’s patootie if Oklahoma had used a croquet mallet to aid Lockett’s exit from this mortal coil. But, when a state tries to ensure that an innocent child, condemned to death by abortion without any legal process whatsoever, does not suffer a prolonged, horrifying, and painful death, the same collection of assclowns are up in arms. For instance:

A new Kansas law banning a common second-term abortion procedure is the first of its kind in the United States.

The law, signed by Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback on Tuesday, bans what it describes as “dismemberment abortion” and defines as “knowingly dismembering a living unborn child and extracting such unborn child one piece at a time from the uterus.”

What is this “common second-term abortion procedure”?

The law does not use medical terminology, and its practical impact is uncertain, some experts said. But it appears to ban or require alteration of the method known as dilation and evacuation, which is used in nearly all abortions after the 12th to 14th week of pregnancy and is seen by many doctors as the safest and most convenient technique for most women.

If you aren’t familiar with dilation and extraction, read this. For those not inclined to follow links:


It would seem that if, as a culture, we’ve decided that killing children is a constitutionally protected activity then we could at least show the innocent child the same consideration we give to a condemned convict. What does Thinkprogress.org, which was so offended by Clayton Lockett’s extended exit from this life, have to say?

Kansas, for instance, just became the first state in the country to ban a specific type of abortion procedure that’s known in the medical community as Dilation and Evacuation, or “D&E.” In a closed-door ceremony on Tuesday, flanked by large photos of fetuses, Gov. Sam Brownback (R) handed a significant victory to abortion opponents by signing the measure into law. The National Right to Life Committee, the right-wing group that drafted the legislation, said in a statement that “this law has the power to transform the landscape of abortion policy in the United States.”

 Although D&E is the most common way to perform a surgical abortion in the second trimester — and is actually the method endorsed by researchers from the World Health Organization — abortion opponents have been working to cast the procedure as barbaric, claiming that it “dismembers” (ed–If you have doubts about the procedure dismembering a child, as Thinkprogress apparently does judging from the scare quotes they use, refer back to the illustration.) an unborn child.
Compare and contrast this with the presidential outrage over conversion therapy, which, at its absolute worse is a null value.
What we see on the left is a set of rapidly shifting goalposts in terms of what passes for their morality. A condemned killer’s execution is protracted– horror. An innocent child, one that can feel pain, is gradually dismembered — Constitutional right. A pizza place will serve homosexuals but not cater a hypothetical homosexual “wedding” — horror. A corporate CEO is driven from his job because he supports traditional marriage — serves the bigot right. Restrict abortion — war on women!11!! Pitch your baby in a dumpster — martyr.  With the left morality only exists to the extent that it supports their desired outcome. If you think you can bargain with these fascists and not eventually end up in an actual or figurative re-education camp you are sadly mistaken.