@Politico writer @GlennThrush: Hillary violating federal law is "badass"

As Cute As Always


So the newest defense as Hillary’s media bootlicks and catchfarts circle the wagon is that not only did Republicans use private email accounts but Hillary blatantly violating federal law and putting national security at risk was really “badass.” You know, the kind of badass you want in a president when that phone rings at 3 AM — and it isn’t the cops telling her that her husband has been arrested for peodophilia.

Like this:

This latest Clinton scandal has revealed just how deeply compromised most of the political media are. Becket Adams at the Washington Examiner demonstrates how much of the political commentariat are using the talking points developed by the Hillary Clinton camp.

The line from pro-Clinton groups — that there are comparisons between Bush’s use of a personal account along with his government account and Clinton’s exclusively conducting State business from an unauthorized and likely unsecured personal account — has since been repeated by a reporters and pundits.

“Romney used [a personal] email for Mass state biz in office,” CNN contributor Sally Kohn said, adding that former Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas, even “deletes all emails after [seven] days.”

“Jeb Bush used his personal account to conduct state, political & personal business. His team released state business emails to the public,” MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt reported. “Jeb Bush owns the server that hosts his personal email, his spokeswoman says.”

“But this is different. Jeb isn’t a Clinton. Why would we cover his private email server the same as hers?” CNN contributor and Democratic strategist Paula Begala said.

Brock accused the media of employing a “double standard” in coverage of Clinton’s unusual email arrangement, which appears to flout federal laws regarding government correspondence and record-keeping.

Clinton’s using a mostly insecure email account as her exclusive email while secretary of state was deeply irresponsible and definitely criminal. Maybe at some point the political media will care about it but I’m not holding my breath. The utter slavishness of the media that sees everything the Clinton’s do a something that underscores their inherent brilliance is as much as a physical constant at the value of pi.