Did .@EricBoehlert go to college?


Eric Boehlert is a partisan hack at the shamelessly partisan but amazingly tax-exempt Media Matters for America. Boehlert is basically the butt-remora with a room temperature IQ that you find on the leftward fringe of Democrat politics. Back in 2008, he (I am not making this up) predicted the demise of FoxNews and ” watching CNN capture the campaign ratings crown.” He called US Navy SEALs “gutless” because they talked to the makers of a 2012 documentary on how Obama was endangering their lives by using classified information for his personal political gain.


He was an also early entrant to the “Scott Walker can’t be president because he didn’t graduate from college” party:

Now the question has arisen whether Boehlert has attended college himself. It isn’t mentioned in his bio and this tweet gives the impression that he may not have graduated high school. The set up is a tweet from the New York Times archives. Apparently, American history is really hard for the left because it drew this from Boehlert:

It is safe to say that if Boehlert did graduate from college that it was in a major like Patriarchy and Queer Studies, and not one that required a basic knowledge of recent American history… this is something that afflicts the left’s self proclaimed “wonks” like those who believe the Constitution can’t be comprehended because it is written in English or something.


As we go into the primary season we will hear more and more of these attacks from the faux intelligent types, like Boehlert. He advocates a kind of Potemkin meritocracy where your value is attained by going to the right school and thinking the correct thoughts not by your actual accomplishments.


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