Illegal aliens to receive retroactive EITC refunds

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This is wonderful. Via The Washington Times.The shot:

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told Congress on Wednesday that even illegal immigrants who didn’t pay taxes will be able to claim back-refunds once they get Social Security numbers under President Obama’s temporary deportation amnesty.

The revelation — which contradicts what he told Congress last week — comes as lawmakers also raised concerns Mr. Obama’s amnesty could open a window to illegal immigrants finding ways to vote, despite it being against the law.


The chaser:

He also clarified his testimony to the Senate last week, where he acknowledged illegal immigrants who had paid taxes using substitute Social Security numbers but who gain real Social Security numbers when they are approved for the amnesty can apply for back-refunds of the Earned Income Tax Credit.

On Wednesday, he said even illegal immigrants who didn’t pay taxes will be able to apply for back-credits once they get Social Security numbers.

Yes. You read that right. Illegal immigrants to whom this lawless administration has issued completely illegal social security cards can use those cards to get EITC and tax refunds from a) wages they earned while using an illegally obtained social security number and b) for years in which they paid no taxes.

This is getting to be unreal. The Obama administration is approaching the point where it is operating under the assumption that there are no laws, that it can do exactly what it wishes. And they are right. The Senate is showing itself unwilling to take Homeland Security to the woodshed over this illegal program to make citizens out of people who have no legal or moral reason to be in the United States.


This is just the first step. If a social security number unlocks tax refunds and credits they did not earn, the rest of the social safety net will be up for grabs.



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