Jailed Sex Offender Wins Special Election In Virginia

Last month, my colleague Moe Lane reported on the antics of Democrat Virginia Delegate Joe Morrissey. Morrissey, who had been most noted for his propensity for trying to grab guns, had branched out and started grabbing juvenile pudenda.


“Democratic Virginia state delegate Joseph Morrissey, who reached a plea agreement for charges relating to a sexual relationship he had with his 17-year-old office assistant, is yet to decide whether he will resign or commute to work from jail.” Delegate Morrissey – who is 57, and loudly denying the paternity of the child that said office assistant is currently carrying – got a year plus six months suspended for ‘contributing to the delinquency of a minor.’  So now he has to decide whether he’s going to keep working…

Like many liberals, he has a monomania for sexual gratification:

Investigators said the 57-year-old legislator was having sex with a then-17-year-old receptionist at his law firm, had nude pictures of her on his phone and allegedly showed those photos to a pal.

She’s now 18 and pregnant. A prosecutor said that Morrissey is “perhaps” the father. The bachelor already has three kids by three women.

In the aftermath of his guilty plea, Morrissey resigned from his seat. For what reason, I can’t comprehend because he immediately announced he would run for his vacant seat as an Independent. Tuesday a special election was held in the heavily Democrat district, pitting Morrissey against a Democrat and a Republican. I the words of Democrat political operative, Dick Tuck, “the people have spoken, the bastards.”


Joseph D. Morrissey was reelected Tuesday to the House of Delegates, opening another chapter in a made-for-TV-movie-style drama likely to captivate the General Assembly session starting Wednesday.

Running as an independent, Morrissey defeated Democrat Kevin Sullivan and Republican Matt Walton. The heavily Democratic district mostly spans the Richmond suburb of Henrico County.

With all precincts reporting, Morrissey won 42 percent of the vote, Sullivan 33 percent and Walton 24 percent, according to unofficial results.

What makes this election so interesting is that Morrissey will be allowed to attend sessions of the General Assembly on a work release program:

After entering his guilty plea last month, Morrissey was sentenced to six months in jail. He was accepted into the work-release program, allowing him to leave jail for up to 12 hours a day for campaign activity or to work at his law practice.

The work-release program also reduces Morrissey’s sentence to 90 days.

Henrico County Sheriff Michael Wade said Morrissey has typically left the jail at 7:30 a.m. and returned at 7:30 p.m., but for election day, he requested a slightly later schedule, starting at 8 a.m. — meaning results weren’t even final when he was required to report back to jail for the night.

Wade said Morrissey returned to jail — while doing a television interview on the way in — six or seven minutes late. “I’m taking a half an hour of his time away from him tomorrow morning,” Wade said.

Morrissey has been allowed to drive his car, which was outfitted with a GPS device to track his movements. The procedure will continue during the session but with accommodations for the General Assembly’s unpredictable schedule, which often finds lawmakers deliberating late into the night.


That’s right, even though he’s a convicted felon and sex offender Morrissey is still allowed to practice law as well as serve in the legislature.


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