Duke University becomes a Parisian suburb


Great. In the week after multiple terror attacks by Islamic extremists on Jews and harmless cartoonists in Paris, Duke University has announced it will begin allowing a Friday afternoon Muslim call to prayer to be played via loudspeaker from the Duke Chapel Bell Tower, thereby bringing the suburban Parisian ambience to the upscale campus.


The Muslim call to prayer will now be heard weekly across the Duke University campus in North Carolina.

The chant, known as “adhan,” will resound from the Duke Chapel bell tower every Friday beginning Jan. 16, echoed by members of the Muslim Students Association, the university announced via Duke Today. The chant will sound for three minutes at a “moderately amplified” level to announce the Jummah prayer service, held Friday afternoons in the chapel basement.

While Duke University is proclaiming its slide into dhimmitude as a major success for interfaith understanding, what they are doing is objectively wrong.

The Adhan will be sung in Arabic, then followed by an English translation, according to a Facebook event announcing the call.

The objection should not be to the call to prayer, per se, so long as Duke rings an Angelus bell, but to the blatant, school sponsored proselytizing that it is permitting by making the call also in English. Something that is not done in mosques in the United States. The text of the call is:

Allahu Akhbar, Allahu Akhbar

Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest

Ashhadu anla ilaha illal laa (2 times)

I testify, there is no God but Allah

Ashadu anna Muhammadur rasulullah (2 times)

Muhammad is the messenger of Allah

Haia alas salaah (2 times)

Come to prayer

Haia alal falah (2 times)

Come for success

As salatus khairum minan naum*

Prayer is better than sleep*

Allahu Akhbar, Allahu Akhbar

Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest

La ilaha illal laa

There is no God but Allah


This is not a mere call to prayer for Muslims, it is active call to become a Muslim. It is no different than a Christian exhortation to attend church.

If Duke permitted the Lord’s Prayer or 23d Psalm to be announced from the Chapel Bell Tower you can bet the nutcases at the Freedom From Religion Foundation and commies at the ACLU would be squirting blood from their ears. But they won’t. Because they know that Christians will accept they abuse and Muslims will chop their pointy little heads off.


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