Terry McAuliffe creates his own Kermit Gosnell


Back in 2013 most of the nation, other than Barack Obama and Planned Parenthood, were both shocked and horrified when the “pro-choice” atrocities of Pennsylvania abortionist Kermit Gosnell came to light. Gosnell operated with state complicity. Governor Tom Ridge, a “moderate” Republican, had allowed his clinic to operate without any inspections and to perform partial birth abortions in defiance of Pennsylvania law outlawing that particular form of genocide.


Now the stage for the same horror is being set in Virginia. It should not be so but under the maladministration of Clinton bagman and fixer, Terry McAuliffe who is taking a page out Obama’s playbook in ignoring the law, the replication of Gosnell’s baby chop shop is proceeding with state sanction.

In 2011, Virginia enacted a law regulating abortion clinics requiring them to operate as medical facilities rather than as chicken processing plants. But, as we’ve seen, laws are meaningless if the executive branch simply refuses to enforce them.

Enter abortionist Steven Brigham. Brigham is something of a notable incompetent even among the wildly incompetent who have been pushed into the abortion business.

The state’s physician disciplinary board tonight revoked the license of Steven C. Brigham, a controversial doctor accused of skirting state rules by starting the process of late-term abortions with five women in his South Jersey office, and ordering them to drive to his Maryland clinic where the procedure was finished.

Finding several counts of gross negligence, deception and official misconduct against him, the state Board of Medical Examiners also ordered Brigham to pay $140,000 in penalties. At a future hearing, the board will decide how much of the state’s court costs he will be ordered to pay; the tab is expected to exceed $500,000.

The board suspended Brigham’s license in 2010 after the Attorney General’s Office argued he used the two-state process to evade New Jersey’s requirement that terminating pregnancies must take place in a hospital or licensed health care facility after 14 weeks. Brigham did not have hospital privileges at the time and is not an obstetrician or a gynecologist.


But wait, there’s more. From only a year ago:

The Pennsylvania Health Department has shut down a new Philadelphia abortion facility after discovering that it is affiliated with a notorious abortionist that has been banned from doing business in the Commonwealth.

Integrity Family Health has been ordered closed effective November 29th after it was discovered that the location was launched by abortionist Steven Brigham, who runs a multi-site abortion scheme under the name of American Women’s Services. The new facility had been granted a permit earlier this year, but failed to cite on its application that it was connected with Brigham.

So we have a doctor who has had his license suspended (heaven only know what you’d need to do to have your license revoked) for performing a procedure he’s not qualified to perform and then deliberately setting out to evade the state regulatory process. But he’s killing babies, which is God’s work for Terry McAuliffe and so he continues to operate in the Old Dominion. Via The Federalist:

At Brigham’s Virginia Beach abortion center, during a March 2014 inspection Virginia public health officials discovered that for 36.6 percent of patients that had medical abortions (example, through RU-486) in January 2014, a second medication or surgical procedure was required to complete the abortion. That’s a remarkable failure rate. RU-486 is only to be used until 49 days gestation and, if used according to Food and Drug Administration guidelines, has an 8 percent failure rate. The farther along in gestation a woman is, the more likely it is that RU-486 will fail. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, statistics indicate there is a 17 percent failure rate at 50-55 days, and a 23 percent failure rate at 57-63 days. Virginia Women’s Wellness’ rate of 36.6 percent failure is over four times the average. Its plan to correct the problem: “These cases will no longer be documented in the complication log.”

Clearly, a 14-year-old who by statute is the victim of a crime falls within the category of an abused or neglected child.

According to a February 25, 2013 inspection report, the Roanoke Medical Center for Women performed abortions on three minors without evidence of parental consent. Two of these patients were 14 years of age when the abortion was performed and under Virginia law, having carnal knowledge of a 14-year-old is a crime. Licensed physicians including both the abortionist and the state health commissioner are mandatory reporters for suspected child abuse and neglect. Clearly, a 14-year-old who by statute is the victim of a crime falls within the category of an abused or neglected child. It is especially alarming because this occurred along the I-81 corridor, where sex trafficking is a concern. Yet no one ever reported any crime and, in the time since, Attorney General Herring has issued a legal opinion relieving abortion doctors and Department of Health inspectors of some of their reporting responsibility.

At the same abortion center, an earlier inspection found: “Staff used … a sponge to clean the procedure jars and failed to disinfect procedure jars and stoppers between patients … failure to disinfect three (3) of three recovery cots between patients and one (1) of one lab chair… observation revealed one of the vacutainer needle holders had visible dark red splatter within the hub, which attached to the needle to draw the patient’s blood.”


Under current Virginia law none of this should be possible. And the fact that this much has been disclosed begs the question of what is being hidden given Brigham’s document and adjudicated record of deceiving regulatory authorities.

This Thursday, Terry McAuliffe’s appointee as Virginia’s medical commissioner, Marissa Levine, will chair a meeting of the Virginia Board of Health where the McAuliffe, in a blatant payback to the monetary support he received from Planned Parenthood, will gut Virginia’s regulatory regime:

Specifically, Levine says in a letter to Gov. Terry McAuliffe that the “requirements for Facility Design and Construction should be reviewed and updated.”

That is an apparent reference to the section of the new rules that compels established clinics to comply with the building requirements for new hospitals — a costly requirement that many providers contend is aimed at putting them out of business.

Levine’s decision sets in motion a process by which a changing board of health, which includes recent appointments by Gov. Terry McAuliffe, could revisit the rules that were pushed by anti-abortion Republicans who controlled the executive branch and played an active role in the board’s deliberations on the issue.

Levine also recommends amendments to the regulations to align requirements for storage and dispensing of drugs “more accurately” with the Code of Virginia. She says requirements for medical testing and laboratory services and for emergency services should incorporate “best practice” standards.

The commissioner also seeks amendments to the regulations that would clarify the requirements for parental consent.


All of this serves to underscore the fact that abortion is a business. It is not a women’s health issue. It is certainly not a “reproductive health” issue. There is no medical condition which can only be remedied by aborting a potentially viable baby. If a few women have to die, in addition to thousands of babies, so that Planned Parenthood’s business environment is protected and grotesque politicians like Terry McAuliffe suckle at the teat of their campaign contributions then it is a small price to be paid.




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