Hey, white person, please send money

I don’t know how many of you have received the unending barrage of shrill, implausible, and marginally literate of fund raising emails from the Democrats this year  but they have been a source of amusement to a lot of us. A couple of days ago one said that by raising $24K and some change (which would be triple matched, presumably by rich plutocrats) Democrats WILL (their words, their caps) retain the Senate. This, is one of the funniest:




You can just see the planning meeting. You have Pajama Boy and various varieties of hipster scum trying to find an appeal will bring in money. They’ve already sent out a direct appeal from Michelle Obama, telling potential rubes “I appreciate you”, and got nothing. They ask themselves why would anyone turn down the first lady? And the answer hits them like a lightning bolt. RACISM.

So they come up with the idea of sending an email from Amy K. Dacey who both looks white and has a name like a WHITE PERSON


Surely, they reason, these white people who won’t give to the First Lady will open their wallets if a white person, a very nice white lady, asks them.


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