Justice Department claims black and Hispanic voters are dumb and unsophisticated

black voterFor reasons that can only be ascribed to politics (my gosh, I’m getting so tired of prefacing every single thing this bunch of clowns does with the same phrase), Eric Holder and the wannabe-fascists in his Justice Department are carrying out a jihad on behalf of vote theft. They are doing this by contesting Voter ID laws that are being passed in many states despite a nearly unbroken string of defeats in appeals courts.


To make their case that Voter ID laws are discriminatory the Justice Department has testified time and again that black and Hispanic voters are less capable that white voters of obtaining the necessary ID and in understanding the candidates and issues. Via Heritage’s The Daily Signal:

At the preliminary injunction hearing in July, before Judge Thomas D. Schroeder in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, the government produced Professor Charles Stewart of MIT’s political-science department. According to the transcript of that proceeding, when Stewart was asked why he believed that eliminating same-day registration (which only eleven states have) was discriminatory, he said that same-day registration provides “a mechanism and a time that’s well situated for less sophisticated voters, and therefore, it’s less likely to imagine that these voters would — can figure out or would avail themselves of other forms of registering and voting” (emphasis mine).

And who are those “less sophisticated voters” who can’t “figure out” how to register to vote? They “tend to be African Americans,” according to Stewart. He added that “people who register to vote the closer and closer one gets to Election Day tend to be . . . less-educated voters, tend to be voters who are less attuned to public affairs.” Stewart said that these voters “tend to be African Americans.” Of course, the voter-registration data in North Carolina directly contradicts this, since Stewart was forced to admit that blacks in North Carolina actually “were registered at a higher rate than whites” before Election Day in the 2012 election.

Stewart leveled the same type of criticism at a measure to reduce the number of early-voting days. African Americans would be deterred from voting, he said again, because they are “less sophisticated voters.” He denied that he was racially stereotyping blacks — even when he said that they have a harder time figuring out how “to navigate the rules of the game.” He admitted that he did not survey black voters in North Carolina to ask them “directly about understanding the rules of registering and voting.”

The NAACP’s expert was another professor, Barry Burden, of the University of Wisconsin. Burden claimed that blacks and Hispanics are less able “to pay the costs of voting” because of the “stark differences between whites, on the one hand, in North Carolina and those of blacks and Latinos in North Carolina.” By costs, Burden was referring to “the time and effort that a voter has to put in in order to participate.” That includes “locating the polling place, getting the right paperwork, understanding who the candidates are, becoming informed.” From his testimony, it was clear that Burden did not think that blacks and Hispanics have the same ability as whites to accomplish basic tasks such as locating a polling place, filling out a one-page voter-registration form, and learning what issues candidates support or oppose.


In fact, North Carolina Democrats  go so far as to argue that women are very stupid,too:

Women are 54% of active voters, but 66% of those without a NC photo ID.

Really? Two thirds of women who vote in North Carolina have no photo ID and therefore cannot legally drive a car? I could agree that two thirds probably shouldn’t be allowed to drive, but that isn’t the case being made here. Is anyone so mentally deficient that they can actually believe this?

The objective of Holder’s Justice Department has nothing to do with ensuring access to the ballot box for legal voters, rather it is simply a scam whereby the Justice Department, ever liberal, is now an active component of the DNC. This is the same Justice Department that went to court to prevent Kinston, NC (Nix v. Holder) from conducting non-partisan elections because the lack of party ID deprived blacks, who were in a majority, from choosing the candidate of their choice because there were no partisan labels.

This is really an incredible argument to be made at any time, but particularly today. If this were true then blacks and Hispanics — and women — would find it difficult to cash a check, buy cigarettes or liquor, have a bank account, drive a car, or do most anything other than, presumably, send their welfare checks to the DNC. Conversely, if someone is unable to acquire an ID and can’t comprehend the issues should we really be in court fighting to allow them to vote?


The Obama administration has utterly corrupted every part of the federal government that it has touched. If we win in 2016, the first order of business has to be a ruthless purge of the federal bureaucracy, particularly the Justice Department, and get it back in the role of enforcing laws and not being an enforcer for a political party.


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