Mother declines cancer treatment to save baby

ashley bridgesOver the past few weeks we’ve posted on the efforts of the pro-abort movement to portray abortion, even in late term, as a difficult, yet noble, act worthy of praise but at the very least an act immune from criticism. Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis is one of the most prominent people to take this stance, using the late term abortion of her daughter, who had, according to Davis’s memoir, a fatal congenital deformity. This was followed by a deservedly obscure Scottish performance artist memorializing the child she casually slaughtered for her own convenience in “poem.”


On the other side, there have been parents who took the courageous decision to carry to term a baby with no chance of survival after birth because they knew that life is precious.

This is an addition to the courage side of the ledger.

A California woman made the ultimate sacrifice for her unborn daughter when she refused life-saving bone cancer treatment while pregnant.

Ashley Bridges was 10 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with bone cancer. Doctors recommended she immediately start chemotherapy, but the treatment would have required Bridges to terminate the pregnancy.

Bridges chose her unborn daughter over treatment.

When Bridges was eight months pregnant, doctors told her the cancer had spread. Bridges said that’s when doctors told her the cancer is terminal.

At eight months pregnant, doctors told Bridges she must deliver the baby, Paisley, immediately so she could begin receiving treatment.

Despite multiple rounds of chemotherapy, she was told she only has a year to live.

This is as tough a decision as anyone will ever be called upon to make, especially as Bridges also has a six-year old child. But a parent is not for the squeamish and faint of heart. But in making the decision to be a mother, she also accepted that you don’t kill your offspring to make your life either longer or more fun. Rather parents are called to die for their children if need be.


There has been some good news for Bridges since she started chemotherapy. The tumors haven’t spread and some have gone into remission. Even so, she has a long and problematic treatment regime ahead of her before anyone can consider that she may survive and overcome this disease. Her friends have set up a fund to help her during her treatment and provide updates. Drop by and donate if you can.




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