Rampant fraud the standard condition on ObamaCare exchanges

Health Overhaul-Penalty Waiver

The #FAIL in ObamaCare continues to exceed anyone’s wildest imagination. Via the Washington Post:

According to testimony to be delivered before a House Ways and Means subcommittee, undercover GAO investigators tried to obtain health plans for a dozen fictitious applicants online or by phone, using invalid or missing Social Security numbers or inaccurate citizenship information.

All but one of the fake applicants ended up getting subsidized coverage — and have kept it. In one instance, an application was denied but then approved on a second try. In six other attempts to sign up fake applicants via in-person assisters, just one assister accurately told an investigator that the applicant’s income was too high for a subsidy.

The GAO’s account of fictitious applicants obtaining subsidized coverage goes beyond a related problem that surfaced this spring and that the investigators also cited: The government may be paying incorrect insurance subsidies to a significant share of the 5.4 million Americans who signed up for health plans for this year through the federal marketplace.


To date virtually no part of ObamaCare has worked as advertised but the subsidy system seems to be little more than a huge pot of money available to virtually anyone without regard to eligibility:

“We are seeing a trend with Obamacare information systems: under every rock, there is incompetence, waste and the potential for fraud,” committee Chairman Dave Camp, a Michigan Republican, told NBC News. “Last month, we found that the administration was unable to verify income or eligibility for insurance subsidies. Now, we learn that in many cases, the exchange is unable to screen out fake identities or documents.”

Taken in its totality, ObamaCare must be viewed as a program that simply cannot be reformed. Not only is the underlying concept, the federal government seizing control of the market for health and medical insurance, utterly corrupt but each part of the law either defies norms of human behavior, is rife with fraud and abuse, or is simply nonsense. The only solution is to remove it, root and branch, and return to the status quo ante.


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