Obama's excellent YOLO presidency continues

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In a rather stunning interview with Bill Clinton political strategist and totally unbiased newsman, George Stephanopoulous, Barack Obama revealed that it is the World Cup, not events, driving his foreign policy agenda:


On his way to Minnesota today, President Obama took a break from his day job to watch one of the most anticipated World Cup matches so far — the U.S. vs. Germany — and he told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that the international sporting event has even affected U.S. foreign policy in subtle ways.

“We had elements — which I won’t detail — of our foreign policy that have been shaped around the World Cup,” Obama told Stephanopoulos. “Phone calls meetings initiatives we had to think about.”

This administration has to be the most irresponsible and disinterested administration in the history of the republic. I suppose Obama’s defenders will point to this as an example of cultural sensitivity or four dimension chess or some other tired excuse. In reality his are the actions of a man in equal parts overwhelmed and bored by the office.

I wrote earlier about his expressed boredom with governing:

At a time in our history where the nation is beset with difficulties, the number and scope of which have rarely been exceeded since 1945, the president is bored with his job. Our economy is stagnant with real wages down and actual unemployment stable around 14%. Interest rates are outstripped by inflation making saving a losing proposition. Energy production is in the thrall of environmental radicals. Abroad our alliances are in tatters. Al Qaeda is carving sanctuaries from Syria, Iraq, and Libya. China seems poised for military adventures at that expense of her neighbors.

In the face of this, Obama is not even attempting to bend or shape events. He has created a regime that is equal parts the court of the Sun King, though without it intellectual heft or accomplishments, and Nero with his fiddle. It will be decades before we recover from his misrule.


The presidency has become nothing more than a device to feed the monumental ego of Barack Obama. And he has ceased to even hide that fact from the public.


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