The Obamas: It Is All About Us

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One of the more public displays of narcissism by Obama has been his constant inserting of himself into every situation. It started out funny when it was noticed that Obama had been inserted into the official White House biographies of other presidents. Then he became a part of Rosa Parks’ legacy by having himself photographed in the bus where she refused to give up her seat. This had been followed by other images sent out by the White House placing Obama center stage in commemorations of such significant figures as:

  • Nelson Mandela
  • George Washington
  • Abraham Lincoln

When teenage thuglet, Trayvon Martin, was killed while conducting a beatdown on a neighborhood watch volunteer, Obama first said:

“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,”

Shortly afterwards, he revised and extended his comments saying:

“When Trayvon Martin was first shot, I said this could’ve been my son. Another way of saying that is, Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago,” 

One can nearly smell the obvious “priest and victim” implication in his statement.

It is one thing to be such a pathological narcissist that you have to glom onto the accomplishments of others in order to validate your own hollow soul. It is another when you use your children for the same purpose. On Saturday, Michelle Obama delivered the weekly radio address (has anyone ever heard one of these? just curious) and spoke about the kidnapping of well over 200 Nigerian school girls by a violent band of Islamist radicals affiliated with al Qaeda.

“In these girls, Barack and I see our own daughters,” she said. “We see their hopes, their dreams …


It is hard to imagine a more callous use of a tragedy and a more egregious invocation of one’s own family than this. Michelle Obama’s husband headed the administration that refused to list the kidnapping group as a terrorist organization. Their children have led pampered lives in private school and multi-million dollar taxpayer funded vacations and travel. Michelle Obama should have apologized for her husband’s administration rather than trying to use her daughters as a way of seeking solidarity with these kidnapped girls.


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