Message To Duke University: Man Up

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One of the hallmarks of the left is its never ending battle to control language and to use that control as a cudgel on its opponents.

Examples abound. “Choice.” (Really? The baby chose to be aborted?) “Marriage equality.” “Homophobia.” The ever popular “Diversity” which consists of constructing the correct palette of skin colors without regard to the socio-economic status of the group. And, of course, the ever popular “Gay.”


In addition to controlling language, the left has embarked upon a new campaign of banning “Trigger” words. The cutting edge of this effort has been the “Ban Bossy” campaign where a perfectly good word is being ostracized because it offends bossy chicks.

In the past, the inability to ignore language that you didn’t like was called “lack of impulse control” and it was a behavior associated with the lowest strata of society. Now this behavior has become chic among some liberal professors. For instance, when UC-Santa Barbara professor Mireille Miller Young, a professor of black culture, pornography, and sex work (I am not making that up), assaulted a 16 year old pro life protester, her excuse was that seeing the images of aborted babies “triggered” her. Liberal websites are engaged in a debate over the use of “Trigger Warnings” so the fragile naifs who visit won’t be traumatized and doomed to spend their lives in their parents’ basement.

CollegeFix is now reporting on an effort by a group of Duke University (tuition, $42,000/academic year) students to ban phrases from the vernacular.

The recently launched campaign has spread far and wide on social media and gained national attention in a variety of news reports. The effort is similar to the recent “Ban Bossy” campaign, and akin to other university student efforts that have banned the term “illegal immigrant” on campuses.

The campaign is a collaborative effort between a newly formed group at Duke University called Think Before You Talk and Blue Devils United, a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer student advocacy group.


One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to see where this goes next. Some overly sensitive (choose a word from the above graphic) will file a complaint with a university administrator. This will in turn bring down the wrath of the university’s disciplinary regime down on the malefactor. And eventually, the non-classroom conversation on campus, and probably off campus, will have a pall cast over it.

So take some advice Think Before You Talk. Man up, bitches. Life is tough. You will encounter a lot of stuff in life that will offend you. Going to college is supposed to prepare you for that. Stop being a bunch of p****** and deal with it.



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