@Kickstarter Declines To Fund @GosnellMovie... And Lies About It

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On the heels of Brendan Eich being hounded out of the company he founded because his views on marriage comported with those which have been inherent in Western Civilization for three thousand years of recorded history, we have another example of the totalitarian, fascistic left using their power to suppress viewpoints they don’t agree with.


Two years ago, abortionist Kermit Gosnell was sentenced to life without parole for his role in callously slaughtering three babies who survived his ministration as well as the death of one  woman who had come to him for an abortion.

This story was widely ignored by the media. Washington Post reporter Sarah Kliff derided it as a “local crime story.

Enter filmmakers Phelim McAleer and his wife Ann McElhinney. McAleer and McElhinney have made independent films exposing the fraud, corruption and hypocrisy endemic in the environmental movement (Fracknation, Mine Your Own Business) as well as that of the “crazed sex poodle,” Al Gore (Not Evil Just Wrong). They decided to make a film about Gosnell that would expose the horror of his operation. To get funding they turned to Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is crowdsourcing venture that brings people with an idea into contact with potential funders. One of their lines of business is Film and Video. Kickstarter portays itself as very hands off. It has a set of project guidelines, but more importantly it says:

We don’t curate projects based on taste. Instead, we do a quick check to make sure they meet these guidelines.

McAleer wrote a pitch letter to Kickstarter and got an interesting reply (from the failing group blog Slate, Anti-abortion Filmmakers Say They Were Censored By Kickstarter)


Second, we ask that the phrase “1000s of babies stabbed to death” and similar language be modified or removed from the project. We understand your convictions and the horror of this person’s crimes, however we are a broad website used by millions of people. Our Community Guidelines outline that we encourage and enforce a culture of respect and consideration, and we ask that that language specifically be modified for those reasons.

It is useful to note that the words “respect” or “consideration” to not appear even once in Kickstarter’s Community Guidelines. As we note above, they say they to do not evaluate projects based on taste… if they did it would be rather difficult to fit in the “how to pick up chicks” book they funded, an album called Incest Is The Highest Form of Flattery, or a movie called Die Sluts, Die.

Their argument is laughable on its face. Anyone who is in favor of abortion is not going to pony up money to fund a movie about their most famous practitioner regardless of language (a pro late term abortion movie called After Tiller was funded by Kickstarter). Anyone who is going to fund it isn’t going to be surprised at the description of what Gosnell did.

After an exchange of emails, McAleer ultimately withdrew the pitch and went to another crowdsourcing site that did not censor creative works based on content.


We had thought Kickstarter was a place where all creative projects, ideas and opinions were welcomed and could bloom. It is disappointing to learn that this is not true and that the truth is not welcome on your platform. Telling the truth shouldn’t violate any Community Guidelines. A community with guidelines that enforce censorship of the truth is not a community that we as filmmakers want to be a part of. Therefore we are withdrawing our project from Kickstarter.

He followed this up with an op-ed for the NY Post called Gosnell abortion film too much for Kickstarter’s ‘diverse’ censors:

But Kickstarter was supposed to change all that. So my colleagues and I put the project up and waited.

And waited and waited.

Then Kickstarter wrote to tell us that it “couldn’t” go ahead with our posting — first, we needed to remove our (utterly factual) descriptions of “thousands of babies murdered” in order to “comply with the spirit” of the site’s “community guidelines.”

This was shocking — and even more so when I looked at which projects don’t violate those standards.

One project about a serial killer had a photograph of a dead body. There were 43 about rape, 28 with the F-word in the title or project description and one with the “C” word. There was even one called “Fist of Jesus” (don’t ask).

It seems the Kickstarter “community guidelines” don’t respect traditional sentiments — indeed, those are the ones that raise red flags.


This motivated Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler to take to Twitter to do what lefties always do when they are in a difficult situation: Lie.

kickstarter tweet

The approval Strickler refers to was given AFTER McAleer had already withdrawn his project from consideration.

Thanks to Indiegogo, the Gosnell film will be made. More importantly Strickler and Kickstarter have been exposed for the sanctimonious hypocrites that they are.


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