Obama Wins Debate And It Shows In The Polls

The left was delirious. After Obama had lied and blustered his way through the debate with Mitt Romney Tuesday night they were sure he had turned it around.

From the often wrong, never in doubt Greg Sargent:


A very different President Obama showed up to tonight’s debate than the one who got trounced by Mitt Romney two weeks ago. Obama absolutely had to turn in a performance that would make his base happy — and he did that, by demonstrating a willingness to get in Mitt Romney’s face and in his space, and by not flinching from calling out Romney’s lies. Will Obama’s performance appeal to independents, swing, and undecided voters?

Yes, it will. The race will not be transformed in a fundamental way — it will still be a dead heat — but Obama accomplished something of a turnaround tonight. He took steps towards undoing the damaging dynamic

From Eugene Robinson, the Washington Post columnist who won the Pulitzer Prize as the stupidest political writer in the country:

Not a close call. President Obama won the second presidential debate as clearly and decisively as he lost the first. For anyone who disagrees, three simple words: “Please proceed, Governor.”

And no survey would be complete without quoting Bob Schrum, who famously asked John Kerry if he could be the first person to call him Mr. President and seemed to be trying to do the same for Obama in 2012:


That about sums up a debate which was a demographic, substantive, and stylistic train-wreck for Romney—and a masterful comeback for the once and future President Obama.

The verdict is in and Captain Kickass rose to the task.

Today’s Rasmussen Poll, which includes one day of post-debate data, gives Romney a 49-47 lead. Yesterday, like Tuesday, it was 49-48 in favor of Romney.

Today’s Gallup Poll has Romney holding a 52-45 lead over Obama. This is a seven day average that includes one day of post-debate data. On the day of the debate Romney led 50-46.

So the stellar debate performance that set Chris Matthews all a-tingling again at best moved both Rasmussen and Gallup in Romney’s direction.


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